Shrimp Scampi, Tyler Florence Style for Pasta Presto Nights

Do we love shrimp…yes we do. And scampi…….oh yes…that is one of my favorites. And pasta...oh yeah....these two are a perfect marriage.

Here is a version of scampi with tomatoes from Tyler Florence’s cookbook, Stirring the Pot, as it was recommended by Kim (whose blog is called Stirring the Pot).

We were all very pleased. Served it with warm bread and fresh pesto.........

Please see Kim's post with her Tyler recipe HERE

All three of us loved this version of shrimp scampi and it will certainly be repeated. Wish I had known about the cooking club when Tyler was the featured chef. This book has some great looking recipes which I can’t wait to try.

My son had his over fettuccine in a giant bowl........

Hopefully this won’t be my last meal with shrimp as the main star. The funny thing about me and shrimp is….if I peel the shells off when it’s raw, I get a rash. Used to be it made a small red rash on my hand but more recently the rash appears on my neck, hands and my scalp starts itching. I know, I know…this should a major clue that I have a shellfish allergy.

But I don’t have any problem eating cooked shrimp. Doesn’t matter if it’s boiled, steamed, fried, sautéed….I never have a rash or shortness of breath.

It was brought to my attention today (after mentioning the rash) that I may be building up to a reaction, such as anaphylactic shock. Maybe the toxicity is building and I am blissfully unaware….so, I guess I’ll mention that to my doctor soon….

In the meantime...if the guys will peel the raw shrimp....I am going to eat the cooked results. Any thoughts from you all are appreciated, especially if you've had experience with the symptoms.

But enough of that talk....try some of the recipes from Tyler's book if you have not done so already. It's packed with delicious creations.

Thanks to this week’s host for Presto Pasta Nights - Claire of Chez Cayenne! Let me stroll over and see what other tempting pasta dishes have been submitted.




Kim said...

That is kinda scary news about your rash. My 3 year old has major food allergies and the info you received is right. At first you usually have a small rash/reaction and then it progressively gets worse. You should definitely go to your doctor and ask for an allergy test for shellfish. You definitely don't want to risk going into shock and not having an epipen. Hopefully it will all check out okay. I know you love shrimp, so I will be crossing my fingers for you!
Thanks for the shout out, you are so sweet! I wish you had known about the Tyler Florence Fridays too! Your shrimp scampi looks great. Have a great weekend!

Julie said...

Looks like a wonderful meal...hope you don't develop full blown allergies!

Laura in Paris said...

Oh, I hope everything is ok with your rash! The dish looks delicious!

Le laquet said...

You really should go to the doctor very soon T - but I am giggling a little inside over your foodie reaction ... you know you're obviusly allergic but you're not planning to stop eating it 'cause that's just fine! Scampi in the UK is something very different - large prawn tails but they're covered in breadcrumbs and deep fried - they're good though!

Carla and Michael said...

I think your scampi looks divine. I have his book, so I'll have to try it. Hopefully, if you do have an allergy to shrimp, it will ONLY be to shrimp and not all shellfish. Mysteriously enough, Michael has an allergy to scallops and only scallops as he can eat clams, oysters, and mussels. Just don't feed him scallops- his throat swells closed and he gets violently sick. Go figure. Good luck.

Joanne said...

I'm pretty sure that you can't build up the toxins. You may have developed an allergy to something that's in the water in which they live so that it's on the outside of their shells...hmmm. You could always have your doctor run an allergy test but if you're not feeling like you are swelling or going into anaphylactic shock then you're probably fine.

The scampi looks so good! Tyler is such a winner.

Pierce said...

First of all - thanks you to all who gave me some advice about the shrimp. I really appreciate it. My plans are to see my doctor and tell her all of this, the symptoms and results of eating the shrimp.

Kim - I wish I had known about the Tyler Fridays also. I am enjoying just reading the book and looking forward to the marsala.

Julie - thank you so much!

Laura - I'll keep ya posted. Have fun in California :-)

Jo - Well if I DO find I'm allergic I'll stop eating it. I'll be very sad about that but so far, it's just the damn raw shells that give me rashes. Your prawns sound v good...I'm interested!

Carla - Really...just scallops? All scallops such as sea and bay? Either way, I wouldn't take a chance. Thanks for sharing that.

Joanne - Thank you, it's worse when one of the spiny legs pricks my hand or finger. Definitely check it out. OH, I am loving your blog, by the way. I read it through iGoogle when I'm at work.

Drick said...

that is so strange with the raw shrimp and not cooked ... sounds like a wonderful dish - one I will have to look in to ... get those men folks doing the shrimp prep work

Pierce said...

Drick - I know you love shrimp too! It' a good one.

Branch Ocampo said...

My friend Carlos made us shrimp scampi for dinner tonight and it was the first time I had it! Not shrimp but was DELISH! I'll tell you all about it on Monday. He's a foodie too and awesome and making us feel spoiled here.

I hope you're not too allergic to eat shrimp! b

Pierce said...

Thanks Branch and I look forward to hearing about your meal...and your trip. Have a safe trip home.

Velva said...

Do you only get the rash if you handle the shellfish? if you don't handle it, you can enjoy it without issue?

That is one delightful meal and I want to make sure that you enjoyed it.

We had a lot of rain this morning. I bet with a new drain field it is a non-issue for you-right?

Pierce said...

Oh Velva - this new drain field is handling everything perfectly. we couldn't be happier! We had LOTS of rain, so much that one of the dogs ended up in bed with us. He hates lightening and it was really booming.

Yes, the rash only comes if I handle the raw shrimp. I'm fine if it's cooked and have never had issue wit raw scallops or crab. Weird!

Claire said...

This looks great. I can't resist anything with garlic. Thanks for sending this over to Presto Pasta Nights.

It's interesting that shrimp gives you a rash when you handle it but not when you eat it. I just discovered I'm allergic to oranges and cornstarch, but only when I handle the peel or use cornstarch-based fabric starch, not when I eat them, so your experience is not unheard of. I hope your allergy doesn't get worse!

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