Monday, September 20, 2010

Cruising...A Lunch Mission

What a gorgeous day for a was only 78 degrees at 10:30 AM when we took off. The sky was clear and blue, no clouds and no planned destination. Some days we ride to eat and this was one of them.

Heading toward Alligator Point we ended up near Panacea then Carrabelle and finally Apalachicola to grab lunch. We were hot and ravenous by the time we parked in Apalachicola, the temperatures reaching 98 plus degrees by then.

The Apalachicola Grill served many delectable lunch dishes. We both ordered grilled bay scallops with homemade baked potato salad.

The potato salad was made just like you may order a loaded baked potato - lots of sour cream, bacon and chives. Homemade hush puppies garnished the plate. I could have eaten those grilled bay scallops until I hurt myself.

This big wooden flamingo was hanging inside

Here are some pics around the town.

This pastry shop was sad. We'll have to go back.

What a fun day!

This is our ride for an upcoming vacation. Come on cool weather!


Janel said...

Scallops are my favorite type of seafood, hands down. I'm jealous. :)

We had a high of 70 yesterday, 86 predicted for today and then back down to 70 tomorrow. It's a weather roller coaster ride here in Michigan!

Brenda said...

Scallops are my favourite too and I've never heard of baked potato salad but I want some. Now!! Does it ever look and sound delicious. What a great meal and a fun day!

Katerina said...

I can see you had a great time and lunch.

Rita said...

What a fun place you live in. Love all those gret photos you shared with us.

Anonymous said...

Baked potato salad - gosh never heard of that! Sounds interesting and what's a hush puppy ... they're "comfortable shoes" from the 70s over here ;o)

SCALLOPS - yum, dribble any which way!!

Kim said...

The bike looks terrific and the scallops do too! I love driving about looking for fun new places to eat. Looks like a cute little town.

Stay cool. We're still in the 90's too (and my allergies are going absolutely crazy)!

monicajane said...

Hi Tina,
thanks for stopping by my blog...I figured I'd been all but forgotten, but you found me after months of neglect on my part...

that made me feel very good.

I actually still see all that you post...I've got you in a feed...

I LOVE scallops too!

Drick said...

as mentioned before, I think Apalachicola scallops are the best ... looks like a fun ride and a pleasant day for it

Pierce said...

Thanks everyone! I should make it a goal to check out as many seafood places on the gulf coast as possible. Good eatin'

Sorry I haven't been visiting as much...been uber crazy.

Chris said...

I saw your blog mentioned on another blog I check out. :-)

Just finished the last of my scallops this year. :-(

Pierce said...

Chris - Thanks! I will go check that out. How cool :-)