Marsala to cure the worry-wart blues

I told Doug last week that if I had to have my right arm amputated, I am going to quit blogging. He kindly offered to blog for me but we’d have to change the name to “Off the Hook at Squirrel Head Manor” ……………yeaaah…..we aren’t doing that, but his wit certainly defused my “worst-case-scenario mind set. There must be a gene that causes one to worry. A lot. I have that gene.

Anyway I get to keep my arm and that really wasn’t an issue – even the doctor said so, no melanoma…just another basal cell carcinoma.

A quick cut and I’ll betcha that biopsy comes back as no problem! So I am saying that before I even hear back from Dr P. ( If only they could eliminate that worry/borrow trouble genetic disorder. )

In celebration of being a two-handed typist I made chicken Marsala. One of my favorite meals.

I tucked into this like it was my job.

Paired it with a salad and Sangiovese

We have a much better forecast for this week, it’s much better considering we had temperatures in the teens and mid 20s last week!!

I am looking forward to lots of cooking, lots of riding and hopefully...a few days off. Time to celebrate our son's 22nd birthday.....he wants to go to Barnacle Bill's for oysters and beer.
Sounds good!

Hope you all are having pleasant weather :-)


Rosabela said...

Hi Pierce,
I hope the biopsy comes back negative. I'm thinking about you girl. Hang in there.

But I really like your approach to life. You still maintain a positive attitude. :-) Kuddos to you!

The chicken marsala is also one of my favourite dishes to prepare in the winter. The salad pairs up nicely with it.

Happy birthday to your son! Have fun eating oysters and beer!

Katerina said...

I know what you went through until the doctor reassured you about this. My family and I personally have gone through this more than once. I am very happy that it is not a melanoma and I hope the biopsy will verify that. You have every right to worry. I am like you as well. In the meantime, cooking and baking soothes your heart.

monicajane said...

be well Tina...these sorts of scares are awful.

thinking of you that the lab work comes back negative.

Brenda said...

Thinking of you Tina. Hang in there and enjoy your son's birthday!!

Kim said...

Love your positive attitude. Keep it up! I will be thinking of you.

Hope your son has a wonderful birthday.

Chicken marsala is one of my favorites too. Looks delicious.

Pierce said...

Thank you ladies! I sure appreciate the positive thoughts. I am certainly a worry wart but once I get over it, and I am, it's nothing that bothers me.

I can't stress enough though, for those of you who get into the sun alot....use sun screen! You'll look younger than you ought to in your later years :-)

The marsala was great. I actually served it on noodles as is the preferable way...but ran out the second night so I doused some rice with the sauce. Yum!

girlichef said...

Yum, I love chicken marsala...and I'm pretty sure it could melt away any worries with just a bite. At least for a little bit. Fingers crossed that all is well! :D

Janel said...

I'm sending positive thoughts your way, and a big virtual hug too. :)

Drick said...

hey, I'm right there 'bout the oysters and beer, sounds great ... had the same issue a while back with the basil cell, this time on my lower leg, because of it being below the knee, it is taking three times longer for it to heal and I know about that worry cell too, runs in my family..... marsala is great at easing worries, just be sure you cook with it every now and then too....

Pierce said...

Thanks Heather!

Janel - thank you :-) I have been keeping up via Reader but haven't been on in awhile. I AM writing more though !

Drick - Oh I cooked with marsala twice this week! I also made mushroom and marsala soup in the crock pot.
Be careful with that skin cancer in the south can be hazardous!

Anonymous said...

It's the worry wart gene - I wont tell you where mine is geographically sited, oh wait ... maybe I just did!

You are right up there in my thoughts Mrs C (alongside your chicken marsala - which is making me dribble) - Mrs L x

Pierce said...

That gene must come from our mothers! Thank you so much for keeping me in your means alot.

xxx T

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