Basic Combat Training Graduation - Ft Jackson South Carolina

What a week it's been! I added many of these photos to Facebook but for family members who aren't on FB, here is a recap of our week :-)

Doug and Tristan

Tuesday we drove up to Columbia, South Carolina and took our very road weary shibas up to the room. (Staybridge Suites are very nice, by the way...if you ever need a nice suite with kitchen.) It was rather maddening to know we were just a few miles from Tristan.

Wednesday was Family Day and to start it off, we were treated to a demonstration of the SIT's (Soldier in Training) skills. Insurgents arrived on the field in a truck, jumped out and started firing. (With the loud gun fire I was very glad Kobe didn't attend. He would have been terrified)

As they were attacking a group of U.S. soliders came running at them and "took them down".

Our soldiers made a dramatic entrance by running through the smoke.

For Graduation the soldiers who were able to pass and graduate lined up by company and platoon. Tristan was in Charlie Company, platoon 1.

After more ceremony the family members were allowed to go on the field and claim their loved ones. Until you found them, they remained at attention on the field. At least with them remaining in one place they were a bit easier to find in all the mayhem of long awaited reunions!

This was after we found Tristan on the field. Can you tell I'm a proud mommy?

At our hotel

It will be another 10 weeks before we see him again.

We are all proud of him. As his recruiter told him, not everyone can join up these days with stricter requirements (moral character, physical fitness, etc) and it's even fewer who do step up. In times like this I admit I worry, but I am so pleased to see him this happy with all he has accomplished.

An amazing reunion.


Drick said...

what great smiles, so wide on you, three, wait, I see smiles on the shibas too...

Janel said...

What an exciting day for all of you! I can see even the fur babies were excited. :)

Martha (MM) said...

How awesome! Congrats to all!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

You can tell how very proud and happy you all were - enjoy! And here's to the next 10 weeks being over licketty-split!!

Anonymous said...

p.s. That was me ;o)

Mrs L x

girlichef said...

How wonderful...congratulations to your baby...errrr....aaahhhh...young man!! ;)

Rita said...

Congratulations! What an amzing post; just loved reading about your adventure. I ma quite clueless about combat treaing and am learning something new here; Thank you for sharing.

Pierce said...

Thank you to all - I have been out of town for the better part of the week past and have some catching up to do. Downloading photos, visiting, etc.

I have some recipes ear marked from your blogs which I can't wait to try!

Roz from 'la bella vita' said...

I see where you went now, Pierce, sorry I'm just now catching up on my blog post reading after being on vacation for a few weeks. You must be so very proud of your son. What great photos of this wonderful accomplishment of his! May God bless him for his courage. My heart goes out to all military and their families.

PS: I live 2 hours north of Columbia! I hope you enjoyed it there; Columbia has really been renovated since we've moved here. Both of my kids went to U.of SC there so I always think of it fondly.

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