Saturday, May 14, 2011

Updates on the patio, Worm's Way growing box and tomatoes

All the work has been completed, is a photo of the patio with the new pan roof. We spend alot of time sitting around here.

We also eat alot of our meals outside...such as steamed shrimp, fruit salad, name it.

The tomatoes are really taking off! Here is a photo from April 28 when we planted using the materials from Worm's Way:

This was a few days ago...May 11......Wow!

Soon we are looking forward to a road trip to see Tristan graduate from Basic Combat Training. Hopefully we'll be able to visit for more than two days before he leaves for his next round of training. He managed to receive Sharpshooter for the weapons training and Expert for grenade training. Good job! Can't wait to see him in his dress uniform. Hell, I can't wait to see him ....fatigues or dress's been 9 weeks and I'm just not used to him being inaccessible. We could call and say, What's up, want to grill tonight or meet for dinner or ride to the is an adjustment when your son moves out.

In the meantime, we've been fixing up the house, making plans for other improvements, riding and eating.

Life is good...............


Anonymous said...

Life does indeed look great ('cept the missing Tristan bit). The patio looks absolutely gorgeous! It must be fantastic grilling and eating our there.

Mrs L

Janel said...

Everything looks so lovely and summery in your pics! It's cold and damp and windy and rainy here. Bleck! Enjoy that beautiful patio and weather. :)

Pierce said...

Mrs L and Janel - I wish you all were here so we could share a nice grilled meal and some wine. We are indeed fortunate about the's gotten cool again and so, the high heat is not missed a bit!

Heather @girlichef said...

Awesome! I'm so loving your patio...I can just imagine whiling away the hours ;) And your tomatoes look fabulous. I'm such a slacker...haven't even put any in the ground yet. Of course, that's nothing new for me...late crop.

Natashya KitchenPuppies said...

Life is indeed good!
Love the patio with the roof, great way to spend the evenings!

Drick said...

interesting planting method, indeed... like everything about it...
another cool front moved in, don't ya love it, makes that patio so enjoyable.... Tristan will be able to come home a few days, won't he???

Rita said...

Great post; we are so anxious for the good weather to com this way. My husband has his planters ready for our tomatoes.

Velva said...

You are going to really enjoy that patio. It's awesome.

Hey, your tomato plants rock too.

Enjoy your visit with your son. I know you are anxious to see him. I will be following the event on fb.


Wandering Coyote said...

Oh, how I'd love to eat al fresco like that! I guess I could eat out on my now porch if I were so inclined, but it doesn't seem as heavenly as your set-up.

I hope you are having a great road trip!


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