Friday, May 13, 2011

Under the Tuscan Sun - The May movie pick at Food n' Flix...and a Presto Pasta Nights Dish

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Girlichef is the host for this month’s movie pick at Food n’ Flix. May’s movie is Under the Tuscan Sun starring Diane Lane . Lane plays the part of author Frances Mayes who wrote the best selling memoir about buying a home in Tuscany.

If you’ve read the book you’ll find the movie quite different. It’s advisable to give it time after reading before viewing this movie so you won’t have the comparisons fresh in your mind. The movie scenery is fabulous, making you desire a trip to Italy right away. You can imagine yourself in the warm sun, surrounded by fresh fruits and vegetables at the local markets. The wine, the language, the seductively laid-back way of life….bring it on!

When she goes on a spontaneous ride with Marcello she asks him, “Didn’t you have other plans for today? Didn’t you have somewhere to be?” as they enjoy a limoncello.


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He tells her yes, he did have plans but they could wait. The spontaneity of this character may be part of the Italian way of life…or it could be he wants to take Frances to bed. Either way, the ability to change plans and adapt for an unexpected situation is refreshing. I am just not that spontaneous....but it's cool to dream of being that way.

Walking through Bramasole before it was purchased and watching the work and improvements was cool – something I think I’d love to do but know I am too lazy to buy a fixer-upper in another country. The idea is appealing – in theory – and maybe it’s something we may have attempted when we were much younger…..yeah, that ship sailed.

A fun movie for ex-pat literature lovers…even though many scenarios were quite implausable. (Such as her expectation that Marcello would wait for her and men chasing her down...yeah.)

Nothing but Italian chow for this movie………….


Italian Pasta

Zucchini, sun-dried tomatoes, yellow squash, lots of garlic, olive oil and onion…………….

Surf over to Food N' Flix and join in. There is a new movie each month :-)
And check out Presto Pasta Nights...for a stunning array of pasta based dishes! Our host this week is Ruth at Once Upon a Feast.

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  1. I'm so ready for another Italian feast...looks delicioso!! Thanks so much for joining in Food 'n Flix: Under the Tuscan Sun this month, Tina =)

  2. I haven't seen this movie in years, but I'm all for renting it and watching it again.

    You whipped up an Italian feast, Tina! I could make a meal out of your bruschetta (and by that I mean that I could easily eat a plate of that brushetta). Been seeing quite a few pasta recipes that call for yellow squash. Definitely going to have to try that soon.

  3. I watched this movie FOREVER ago, but I think I'm going to have to give it another watch and cook up some Italian food to eat with it! I love what you've made!

  4. squash is so beautiful right now, can't get enough... looks great with the garlic and tomatoes (a little sausage for me), and movie

  5. Thanks all! The movie was a fun easy to watch with a bit of wine and food. I was happy to participate again with Food n' Flix!

  6. LOVE this movie! I watched it for the first time with my daughter when it first came out. I'm eating pasta and drinking red wine tonight in honour of your post....

  7. Loved the film. I love pasta - with anything BUT courgettes ... possibly one of my favourite vegetables. Now if I could just find a way to sneak them past Simon ...

    Mrs L

  8. Brenda - I'm late with answering but THANK YOU!

    Mrs. L - Sneak them into a smoothie and Simon won't know. hahaha

  9. Oooh, now that looks like it was a delicioso Italian spread to sit and watch the movie with! This was a fun Food 'n Flix event for my first time participating. A limoncello sounds nice right about now too!

  10. After your post, it looks like I have to reread and rewatch Under the Tuscan Sun.

    Thanks for sharing the notion and the pasta with Presto Pasta Nights.


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