Rum & Coke with Burgers (without the Phillies)

NEXT year the Phillies will be in the game..............

OK - Gearing up for the world series we hoped the Phillies would be contenders again this year. Much to my chagrin, the Cardinals had their number and they are out. (sobbing with disappointment.)

When we go to the shore to watch the games (an October tradition for us) we enjoy some booze and comfort food. Myers Dark Rum with Coke,

paired with a charcoal grilled 1/3 burger and all the dressings. We enjoyed some chips & salsa and baked beans with brown sugar. But we enjoy eating and imbibing even if our team isn't in contention.

I wonder how does he get the paws all together, yoga like?

Coming up next is a Tessa Kiros recipe for the I Heart Cooking Clubs.


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