Phil's BBQ - Eufala Alabama

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Last weekend was wonderful. We live for time off but then again, who doesn't? Last weekend...we had a blast. So much accomplished and a long ride too. Couldn't ask for more.

Saturday we took a long ride up to Eufala Alabama. We'd been before (I posted about that HERE) and had some of the best BBQ, 285 miles round trip was a breeze with the promise of a great meal.

The weather was perfect, lows in the 50s when we started off and temps going no higher than 70 F by late afternoon.

Last time I didn't get a photo. Clearly, this time I did. They pile the plate with food!

I had the potato salad (very good, and I am not a huge fan of it as a rule) and Doug had cole slaw. The slaw was just as I like it....finely chopped.

Having a photo will help me try and recreate some of these dishes. We saw wood piled around the back so that means Doug will need to smoke the pork on his new grill.

Perfect weather, great ride and we enjoyed ourselves immensely. There is so much pretty rural countryside leading up to Cuthbert and further north toward Eufala. I could see us being hermits up there. Alas...many years to retirement. But we can dream. If you get the opportunity please swing by Phil's BBQ next time you are in that area. You won't be sorry.

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