Friday, March 02, 2012

The Jam Empire: What's going on At Number Ninety Eight............

Look at this jam. The consistency and texture are gel so pleasingly and the fresh flavors – Fantastic! Homemade apricot and vanilla with an emphasis on the vanilla. It’s a pure, rich and you could just eat it out of the jar it’s that good.

This was the jam I talked about last month when I won from Rebecca of the site At Number Ninety Eight

If you want a high quality product that is packed with taste – order some jam from Rebecca. As a matter of fact, she does giveaways and so if you surf over to her site you may find one right now.

Bliss is a good jam slathered on a slice of freshly made French bread.

Happy Friday to you all. I have a sick computer and so will visit and post as I can. Have a great weekend!!


Marina said...

You so right, I could eat this jam out of the jar: love apricots!

Christine's Pantry said...

Sounds good.

Le laquet said...

I love apricot jam and with that sweet heady hit of vanilla - I imagine it would make for a great glaze on a bread and butter pudding!

Rita said...

I just went ti visit your friend; love there writing style. I am very excited today; we are going to the winter market; here the locals come and show off their produce. I am addicted to Market.

Pierce said...

Hi Marina, if you check Rebecca's site (in the future) she promises to posts a recipe for cake using some of the jam. mmmmmmmm

Christine - thanks for visiting!

Jo, now you're talking...bread pudding. Good stuff that.

Rita, I love markets too! Love all the homemade jams and cakes, produce and cheeses. I saw more of that in England and Ireland though. We have a local spot called Tomato Land and they have a bit of that good syuff.

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