Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Big Night at Food 'n Flix

Big Night is the featured movie over at Food 'n Flix for April and is being hosted by Spabettie this month!

Primo and Secondo are two brothers who are trying to make a success of their Italian restaurant in America. One is an excellent and temperamental chef who, unfortunately, doesn’t accept that you need to please your customers. (Even if you are a culinary genius – when the fat American woman wants pasta along with her seafood risotto…better just serve it up.) The other brother is trying to keep the restaurant from closing and he is also the one with great customer skills.

There is a restaurant across the street called Pascal’s and they are doing a tremendous business. This is in spite of the food (which is just ok) while the true authentic Italian food is available at Primo and Secondo's. Pascal's has music and caters to the party crowd.
The Big Night is about creating the feast of a lifetime and bringing in new clientele for the two brothers, all with Pascal's promise to help by engaging a big name musician.

The time frame is the 1950’s and I am loving the look of the clothes, the old cars, etc. Also, the soundtrack for this movie was great.........we already have a Louie Prima CD and that put us in the mood to listen to him again.

Now, from one of the beginning scenes, where the customer is questioning if she received her correct order, I decided to make a dish with lots of seafood. Seafood you can see.

She’d ordered the seafood risotto and didn’t understand it was chopped,permeating the creamy rice dish. She was expecting large hunks of shrimp and scallops. While her dish was prepared and served as an authentic Italian seafood risotto ought to be.....she was displeased.

This interesting mixture of Basmati and wild rice coupled with herbs and dried vegetables was the base. I used homemade chicken stock instead of water tossed in sauteed shrimp and scallops.

I am going to call this Prima Seafood and Rice Medley...in honor of this fun movie.
Simple prep and elegant dish = a winner.

Paired with a Chardonnay....lovely combination.

Directions: Cook the rice according to package directions. In separate pan, saute the seafood (I used scallops and shrimp) then toss into the rice mixture when it's almost done. I added a tad of saffron and sea salt. Voila! Open the wine and grab a plate.

Don't forget to check this event out at Spabettie's place and by all means, grab that movie and get cooking. Join us at Food 'n Flix!




Kristina said...

seafood you can see - love it!

this sounds perfect, I will be making your version!

thank you for a great overview of one of my favorite movies - and thanks for participating!


Janet Rudolph @ DyingforChocolate said...

Love this, and love the movie!

Lyndsay Wells said...

I keep meaning to get my hands on this movie! Thank you for the nudge - I want to see it so badly. Everything looks delicious!

Pierce said...

Thanks so much Kristina, Janet and Lyndsay. It was fun to make this dish and it was a good movie. I'd watch it again.

From the Kitchen said...

I'm visiting from Lyndsay's blog and am thrilled to hear about this movie. Your recipe looks delicious. I'm off to check out your culinary/literary blog now.


Rita said...

That is one I have never seen and now I have to get it; if it's food, I'm all for it. That recipe speaks to me.

Fresh Local and Best said...

This food sounds like a must watch for food lovers. Imagine the horror the chef must have endured with the woman's confusion. I adore saffron with seafood. Your seafood rice medley looks delicious!

drick perry said...

have not seen this but it sounds entertaining, like Driver & Rossellini which helps... and I know I will like your Prima Seafood Medley, sounds awesome...

Pierce said...

Thank you Bonnie!

Rita, it was a great foodie flick. Let me know how you like it.

Fresh and Local, thank you so much. Saffron does add some pizazz!

Drick, I made a modified recipe of your baked beans - really good. Will post them soon.

Eliotseats said...

What a great inspiration from the film. I absolutely loved this movie and I am so glad I came across Food n' Flix on your blog. I can't wait for you to host Sideways for May. Great post and delicious recipe!

Deb in Hawaii said...

Big Night is one of my favorite foodie films and you picked a perfect dish to represent it. Love the seafood you can see. ;-) This was a fun F'nF and I am looking forward to you hosting Sideways for May--it's another favorite of mine.

Sarah said...

That scene was hilarious and cringe worthy! What a great dish to represent it!

Pierce said...

Thanks all! It was a fun movie. I will be challenged to find something for Sideways besides a bottle of wine. :-)

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