Thursday, April 12, 2012

Drick's Baked Bourbon Bacon Beans

Try saying that 4 times fast. After bourbon. Or whatever.

Summer grilling weather is just around the corner….can you feel it? Smell the charcoal burning….whet your appetite for that smokey taste of grilled anything? At Squirrel Head manor we use the grill just about year round. Even if it’s cold.

This particular evening we had a good amount of wings to grill.
Don't you love sloppy food which gets your hands sticky? It's fun food!

Anyway, this called for an equally sloppy side dish. I had just been reading Drick’s Rambling CafĂ© and came across one of his latest – Baked Beans with Brown Sugar and Bourbon. All of those ingredients sang out to me. To see Drick’s original version please check it out HERE

I did not have all the ingredients he used so here is a modified version. {Please do check Drick’s version though as I was out of many of the ingredients he used}

Ingredients I used......

3 thick slices smoked bacon
1 cup chopped sweet onion
1/2 a chopped green bell pepper
4 tablespoons bourbon (I was heavy handed)
1/4 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup ketchup
1/2 teaspoon liquid smoke
2 -11 oz cans pork and beans with liquid (or one big can)

Fry up the bacon, remove from pan and chop into bits. Tip the onions and pepper into the bacon grease and let the veggies get softened.

Add the rest of the ingredients. Once it's all bubbly… in 325 F oven for about 20 minutes.

This was a good side dish for grilled wings and would be a natural with grilled burgers, hot dogs, or whatever you fancy.

Once I get the fridge restocked we will be trying this again – the original recipe.

Thanks Drick! Another winning recipe from your book.

Next up will be back to my Essentials in French Cooking book. Hope you'll join me!


drick perry said...

so glad you like it and better yet, that you tried it... it is always nice to hear when someone makes one of our creations but when they post about it too, well that's just the best compliment I know.. thanks so much, hope you do make it again, I have made it three times now. don't forget the hot sauce.

Janel said...

I love baked beans with lots of "add-ins". Bourbon is a good addition. ;)

Rita said...

This recipe is a keeper; I know my husband will love these.I would love your recipe for those wings; never thought of grilling them; please share. Hoping our warm weather will be here soon.

Pierce said...

Drink, we have tried quite a few of your recipes - they are so good!!!!!! Yes, next time my fridge is properly stocked I will make them again.

Janel: Right? Bourbon is always a good addition :-)

Rita: Doug grills wings all the time. So easy. Sometimes he uses seasonings other than salt and pepper but I gotta tell you, the crispy skin and smokey taste off the grill is great. I will send you an email.

Debbie said...

Yummy! Your meal reminds me of summertime!!

Pierce said...

Thanks Debbie :-)

Goodness, I can't believe I called Drick "Drink"....I will blame bourbon. Haha

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