Pasta and Veggies with Tropical Fruit Salad

Right now I have a serious case of Spring fever. And my lazy-gene has been a bit more active as of late. Hmmm......

I am all about the quick and easy these days. In regard to food.
Let's set that straight......however, there are those days in which I revel in the long prep, the chopping, sauteing, stirring, reductions, marinades and long slow roasting times.

But this isn't one of those days. :-)

This is similar to a dish I made called Pasta Gwendal a year or so ago. Simply open the fridge and grab the veggies of your choice. The little bits of things left which won't make a side dish but combined with the other vegetable orphans, blossom into a good healthy meal.

My crisper housed a single large zucchini, a few mushrooms, three scallions, half a green bell pepper and half a jar of sun-dried tomatoes in oil.

Put the pasta water on to boil while you chop the veggies. Tip a bit of that sun-dried tomato oil into the pan and heat. Pasta takes 10 minutes so, let's start the saute of the vegetables. Easy, right?

If you have a salad to go along with your meal that's great. I was fortunate enough to have a tropical fruit salad with lots of juicy pineapple, kiwi and a few strawberries thrown in.

This is a meal I made after reading Waiting: True Confessions of a Waitress by Debra Ginsberg. I posted my review at Novel Meals here.

Basic food...totally satisfying. Low in cost as well as energy. Love it!

Do you have go-to quickie meals? What do you fancy when you have little time but don't want nuke something or order a pizza?

Speaking of quickie meals and ease of prep, my friend Heather has been participating in #50 Women Game Changers which highlights different female cooks/chefs and this week - it's all about the self-professed queen of ease, Nigella Lawson! My favorite. Please check Heather's post out HERE. favorite.

Coming up soon is my copycat dinner roll recipe I borrowed from my friend Rita of Sage Cuisine.
Bon appetit!


Heather said...

That pasta looks awesome...but hand me a big ol' serving of that fruit salad - yum! And yay Nigella ♥!

Couscous & Consciousness said...

This pasta looks wonderful quick and easy dinner. Funny how you are in the grip of spring fever, and I'm mellowing out into autumn - slowing things down with risottos and slow simmers.

CJ - Food Stories said...

I'm right there with you on the fast food bandwagon. I like easy, simple, quick recipes that spring is known for.

Rita said...

My kind of meal! Anything works and I am due for a good pasta dish. Your salad is fresh and healthy. Thank you for trying my dinner rolls.

drick perry said...

my week nites are like this, sans pasta, vegetables steaming while I do a quick chopped salad... 30 minute meals are what is it all about and then we look forward to the weekend, for long, enjoyable times over the grill - spring is good!

Katerina said...

I guess we are all in a spring/lazy mood lately. Quick pasta with veggies is something I would hapilly make on a busy week night! Looks delicious!

Pierce said...

Dinner rolls coming up after my weekend wine review today. Man, do I ever love fresh bread :-)
Funny, I have the Spring fever and it didn't occur to me that my friends in the southern hemisphere are rolling into Autumn. I like the meals that come with Autumn very much.

Eliotseats said...

Pasta is so versatile! This looks great with all the veggies!

Velva said...

I have a similar cooking style to you. There are days when I want to spend the day in the kitchen and other where I just want it fast and easy.

I like the idea too, of a past and vegetable, then topping it off with a fruit bowl.

Its almost Friday!


P.S. Happy Mother's Day to you.

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