Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Kobe's Glaucoma and Updates

Today I thought I would update you on Kobe’s glaucoma status as I have noticed quite a few hits on my blog by folks searching terms like “canine glaucoma” as well as glaucoma symptoms in shiba inus.” I have also been contacted about our experiences from other pet owners who have had their shiba inu recently diagnosed with glaucoma.

If you have a pet, regardless of the breed, having something devastating befall them affects your mental state, your finances and lifestyle. Well, to some degree. Depends on the severity of the situation and what lengths you are willing or able to go.

We have been dealing with Kobe’s glaucoma since February 2011. I am happy to report Kobe still has sight in both eyes and the pressure readings continue to stay within a normal range. That would be readings of 11 to 15 give or take. The laser surgery was successful and we are now down to three medications administered twice a day.

The routine comprises giving him eye drops around 6:30 a.m. and then again at 6:30 p.m. The twelve hour interval works best and as long as he gets his drops no more than 12 hours apart (particularly the lataneprost), as his eye pressure does not get too highly elevated.

Medications (to be given 10 minutes apart):

Timolol: one drop in each eye.
Latanoprost: one drop in the glaucoma eye *
Dorzolomide: one drop in the glaucoma eye

*Latanoprost is the generic equivalent of Xalatan

Then we do the same thing at 6:30 that evening. It’s routine now, part of our schedule. The check-ups with the Canine Ophthalmologist are now set up for 4 months apart as Kobe is remaining steady with healthy eye pressure readings.

To read about our initial experience with this, the symptoms and the surgery see my previous posts HERE and HERE.

For more information you may also want to join the Yahoo group Canine Glaucoma, however, I warn you, there are sad stories right along with the success stories. It’s not for the tender hearted.

My husband updated our experiences with diagnosis and surgery on this group but I don’t ever log on to that site. There is some good information there though and if your dog is going blind or you are having issues with glaucoma, there are many people who can share their experiences with you.

Above all, if you come across this post and you have a breed of dog which is prone to glaucoma, please get their pressures checked. It’s about $20 and you will have a snapshot of the dog’s eye health.

If you get up one morning and your dog is squinting, one eye just about sealed shut and they are trembling, that dog is in pain.

Go immediately to your veterinarian or emergency vet clinic because you save their sight. We were lucky.

This was after surgery (2011)

Here he is now, just fine, full of piss and vinegar.

This is Aja. She is 10 and so far, no problems with her eyes.

Again, if this helps anyone I am glad to have shared the information.

Hope all is well in your world. Upcoming are some book reviews and grilling photos.


~~louise~~ said...

Hi Tina!

So glad to hear that Kobe is doing better. Have you ever "met" Channon over at Chan Knits? Unfortunately Sissy's news wasn't as good but she has made quite the recovery. More than a year after the surgery, she too is filled with vim and vigor. I'm not sure but I think Chan has started some sort of organization relating to this.

Take care, Tina...Let me know how things go...

Pierce said...

Thank you, Louise, I will check that link out. I am sorry in advance to know Sissy did not fare as well.
I owe you an email. We have to catch up!!

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