Monday, September 03, 2012

Swiss Linguine Tart for Meatless Monday

My plan had been to participate with IHCC with a Rick Bayless recipe. Specifically, I wanted to make cheese puffs. The heat prevented me from this one as there is a step where you leave the oven door propped open for the finishing touch on baking...after it had been at 400 F.

I just couldn't flood the kitchen with more heat as our AC was running hard enough to keep the house cool. Alas.........perhaps I will make the cheese puffs for his last week at IHCC's Potluck theme.

So, for a Meatless Monday contribution, we went back to an old favorite - Swiss Linguine Tart. This is from an old paperback cookbook printed up in 1993. (Yes, I used the oven to bake this one but most of the cooking and prep was stove top.)

There are quite a few recipes I had not looked at in years. I will be posting from this book again next week when I try the Spinach Manicotti or Italian Artichoke Fritatta.

Recipe may be found at a previous post HERE and it's a recommended meal. Makes for a few dirty pots and pans on the forefront but if you clean and wash as you go, it won't be too bad.


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Katerina said...

When you make something twice then it is certainly worth it! Looks comforting and delicious!

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