Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Food, drink and an unusual encounter with a stranger

What's new with you? I mean, other than the rushing about with the holidays coming up. I'm never super enthusiastic about Christmas until it starts getting closer. But now it is. Getting closer...so excitement builds and then even the horrific traffic doesn't discourage me. Woo-hoo! Maybe we will have some visit time with our son and his wife. Here's hoping.

Let's just catch up a bit here. Food, drink and an unusual encounter with a stranger .... Food first.

Here is a non traditional breakfast idea for when you just can't face another bowl of cold cereal at the ass crack of dawn...especially the chilly mornings. Avocado Toast.

I first saw this on Janel Gradowski's site HERE and thought, gotta try it! I toasted some bread and spread a good helping of creamy avocado and sprinkled a bit of smoked paprika. Looks very Christmasy doesn't it? Green and red.

Now the drink (non-alcoholic) Salted Caramel Coffee - another treat! I have been reading about salted caramel on various foodie sites but had never had opportunity to try it. Then it was an obsessison to find a place selling said treat.

I loved it. Next time I am trying it cold, as in a frap.

Ok, I have a story on this photo here below. This was taken from outside our gate, a stones throw across the street. (For the record, I am not in this photo)

A few days ago we were walking the shibas. It was around 7:45 a.m. We see this woman walking down the road which, by the way, is not a common sight as we are out in a rural area. She was a large woman, greasy hair tied back, wearing a hoodie and green surgical pants. Looked like she had a story I didn't want to hear. When you aren't used to seeing people walking up the road you tend to regard them with suspicion.

Once we got closer she walked up to us and said,

Don’t ever go to Plant City, I was robbed there.”

What an interesting opening for a conversation. Perhaps she could write a book on ice breakers at cocktail parties. (Plant City is a good 300 miles from Havana, just as a matter of pint and reference here)

She then asked if she was headed in the correct direction to toward Havana. She said she was hitchhiking and her parents were expecting her. Doug (being the kinder of us) offered to call someone and she declined and said she’d just head down the road. She then stated her father probably could not find Havana as he was bad at directions. (Now she'd just stated her parents were there and expecting her)

Then she walked to the woods across from our house and stared into them. Closely. As if she didn’t want a passing car to see her face. Very weird! She would have had a good 10 miles to walk before reaching Havana. So we left her standing there across the street, face glued to the trees. Once inside our gate we saw a police car and an ambulance pull up. I wandered out and took this photo...evidence for my boss as to why we would most likely be late.

Surprisingly, they spoke to her and left her.

She just wandered on down the road. By the time we left for work we saw another police car cruise in the direction she walked but there wasn't any sign of her.

Ok, that's my odd story for the week (I hope)...share one with me. Please. I know there must be some great stories out there with the holidays shoppers and angst.


MM said...

So...what time is breakfast? I dread the bowl of oats and twigs in the morning. Blllleck.

Kim said...

I'm all for a little toast smeared with some yummy avocado. Much better than cereal, for sure.

That is a weird story. Wonder what that lady was actually up to? There are so many crazies out there.

Older guy came to my door the other day on crutches. He insisted that a guy named Tucker lived here and wanted me to let him in. No way I was doing that. OR How about the night when my neighbors had a home invasion? Now that's an interesting story! So it's 6:30 in the morning and their dog starts barking. Turns out that some drunk guy had his friend drop him off in front of my neighbor's house (he thought he was in front of his own house). He walks right in the front door (they forgot to lock the front door that night) and he's so drunk he doesn't even realize that it's not his house. So, he takes his shoes off and he takes his pants off and starts walking up their steps. I guess he thinks he's going to go up to his bed, but instead their dog barks. The husband (man of the house) wakes up, grabs a knife and meets this guy on the stairs. They tussle to the ground and the husband ends up stabbing the guy in the back of the neck. Crazy, huh? This poor guy means no harm but is totally in the wrong and totally drunk! Bad night for all. Crazy story though.

Velva said...

Nope, I can't think any stories to top the one you just wrote about. I suspect she was mentally ill-so sad.

I can dig avocado smeared on toast with smoked paprika. I love avocado!


P.S. In our neck of the woods, you can grow Meyer lemons. They more cold hearty. Are they easy to grow? Yes, as long as they are semi-protected from freezing. This season without exaggeration. I had over 100 lemons. You can also grow satsumas too.

Janel Gradowski said...

I'm glad you liked the Avocado Toast. I always make it whenever I find avocados on sale.

What a creepy story. You just never know!

Rita Huneault said...

I had to go back and read your story again; I wonder what ever happened to her. Not much excitement around here. That avocado toast sounds pretty good.

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