Friday, December 21, 2012

Just Be Nice..and I'll give you a cookbook

I saw a couple of bumper stickers that cut straight to the point. Good advice and succinct without being wordy or preachy.

One sticker consisted of three words. Just Be Nice. That’s it. This may be broadly applied in any number of circumstances which you find yourself engaged. Standing in line patiently at the bank or supermarket. Letting someone merge into traffic. Allowing a sarcastic off the cuff remark to just roll off your back. Not engaging in office gossip. Just Be Nice.

The second sticker, on a different car and noticed several months back was equally direct. Don’t Be a Dick.

This sentiment kinda flows with Just Be Nice, don’t you think? One outlook would be the pay-it-forward type of person. Going out of their way on occasion to do something nice. An active pursuit to help out. The goal to make someone smile.

The other sentiment makes me think about self- control. The action of stopping and thinking, should I do/say/email that and the response being, No. No you should not do that because that’s just being a dick.

So………in spite of what I am reading in the news lately, making me have even less hope in humanity...such as stealing care packages for deployed soldiers or
stealing Christmas decorations and
scammers collecting donations for the Sandy Hook massacre victims

Actions which make you shake your head and wonder how people can be so low? What is wrong with people?

Well, I want to do something nice. Just be nice. I want to give you a cookbook. No, it’s not going to change the world but getting a little gift is nice.

Here it is. Just leave me a comment and tell me something good. Tell me a time you were nice. Or hell, tell me when you backtracked and decided to not be a dick. I know, regardless of folks' religious, political or cultural leanings….we have all been there on the receiving end of poor behavior or even dished it out.

So…no restrictions on mailing. I don’t care where you live or where you want it mailed. I will draw a name on New Years Eve and contact you January 1, 2013.

That's nice....right?


Velva said...

I throwing myself in the hat for the cookbook (smile).
"Just be Nice" is a nicer way of saying "Don't be a Dick"

When I was getting son's haircut in a quick $9.95 place, the stylist ordered a pizza next door, and they knocked on the wall, to let her know t was ready. I got up, picked up her pizza, paid for it, and brought it to her.


Pierce said...

That's very nice, Velva!

Joanne said...

People really need to "just be nice" and "not be a dick" more often.

One of my coworkers was feeling a bit under the weather and I offered to come in earlier to work and do an experiment for her...saved her some stress!!

Pierce said...

That's the spirit, Joanne!

Janel Gradowski said...

In my area there is a huge movement that people are calling Pay It Forward - Jayden style. Jayden is a little boy that died several weeks ago from cancer. The family is asking the people pay it forward in their son's honor. Everything from paying for the order for people behind you in the drive-thru to paying off layaways for Christmas. A lovely tribute to that sweet, little boy.

Pierce said...

That certainly is a lovely tribute, Janel.

Le laquet said...

That should be everyone's mantra! It certainly works for me :o)

Pierce said...

Thank you, Mrs. L. Hope you are having a good holiday!

Kat said...

Love the blog post! In the spirit of just being nice - we at would love to send the winner of the cookbook a couple free bumper stickers to help spread the message. You can contact with mailing information. :)

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