Monday, January 21, 2013

Everyday Food for Magazine Monday: This weather calls for a hot Baked Potato

Last year I won a subscription to Everyday Food from Christine who writes at The Happily Ever After. Christine kindly gave away a subscription in honor of her birthday (back in October) and I think that was very cool...practicing the Hobbit custom of giving a gift during her birthday month.

I received my first issue in late November and have been enjoying thumbing through, dog-earring pages of recipes to prepare. One article was about all the ways you can doll up a baked potato to make a great lunch or side.

I went with a tamer version here. This just invites you to dig in with all the ooey lushness of the baked potato, sour cream, fresh chives, cheddar and butter.

Other suggestions were a Taco Potato with spicy ground beef, cheese, lettuce and diced tomato. Lots of interesting ways to make a potato a real meal, all on it's own.

By the way, if it's potatoes you like, here is another delicious meal: Bacon and Blue Cheese`Potato Bowls at Janel Gradowski's site.

Thanks Christine!! A magazine is a perfect gift because you get it all year and always remember the kind person who gave it to you.

will be sending this to CreamPuffs in Venice for her roundup of Magazine Monday. Surf over to visit the Creampuff and see what else is shaping up in her neck of the woods :-)


Kim said...

I loved the everyday food mag. It was my very favorite. Sadly, I think that November edition was the very last one. They cancelled the magazine at the end of the year. I'm not sure what they'll do about your subscription.

At any rate, that looks like a killer baked potato!

Pierce said...

Thanks Kim, I hear they will replace it with a Martha Stewart mag. I will let you know what I get this month :-)

Heather said...

i used to lunch at a restaurant that served everything on and in baked potatoes. It was a tasty place to eat and it always seemed like comfort food no matter what i ordered. Must have been the baked potato.

Ali said...

I love getting magazine subscriptions as gifts. My parents gave me the Food Network mag for Christmas last year and this year. Love it!

Janel Gradowski said...

I've always loved Everyday Food. I have many issues of it, but not subscribed over the last year. Sorry to hear that it will no longer be around! Thanks for linking to my recipe. I hope you liked it! :)

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