Happy Thanksgiving (early) with Updates on Grilling, Books and the Grandbaby!

Let's start with BBQ. Who doesn't love the aroma of food grilling over a charcoal fire? I don't know of anyone, but I am a homebody these days. Doug grilled us a pork roast that got the tummy rumbling hours before we could actually eat it. The anticipation is a sweet thing though.

For the pork shoulder the aluminum pan is used as a drip pan. Remember the brisket was cooked inside the pan (that post HERE) but in this case, the pork roast is removed and set right on the grill. This roast had all the benefits of the smoldering hot charcoal briquettes giving it a nice bark.

Here it is, just smeared down with the Java rub.

After getting the Java rub on the roast the grilling cook time was 4 ½ hours. Every hour Doug added charcoal to the side baskets to keep the heat at 300 F. You just can’t beat a good pork roast grilled over charcoal and hickory wood chunks. There was plenty of bark on this one too…one of our favorites on a good piece of BBQ.
For just the two of us this roast lasted several days. A couple of dinners and some lunch slices.

Easiest vegetable side you can make - roast and go about doing something else. Putz around on Twitter or read. This is a great side for Thanksgiving feasts too.

Books – I have such a stack from the library, on my Kindle as well as books I have picked up at used book stores. I have absolutely no business bringing another book into the house until I get through the ones I have. But you know how that goes….!

Recent reads and reviews are The Dinner by Herman Koch and Instructions for a Heatwave by Maggie O'Farrell.

On the personal home front we have discovered that the grandbaby may now be called granddaughter.

Yes, the ultra sound revealed it’s a baby girl. No one cared about the sex of the baby, we will love the little babe either way but it’s nice to know what type clothes and toys to buy. Her name is Elizabeth Marie. It’s a pretty name, don’t you think?

What else is new....oh...some jerk, (well…insert any crass descriptor for jerk) got hold of my debit card and tried to charge a $600 something at Best Buy Electronics and something else in Virginia. Apparently my card is better traveled than I am these days. Thank you to Mastercard Fraud Division for being on top of things and calling me. Now I have to change out all my accounts but at least I am not out money….so far!

Be careful out there this Thanksgiving, both personally and financially. For my American Turkey day celebrators I wish you a good Thanksgiving and hope it is pleasant, lots of good food and company.


~~louise~~ said...

Oh Tina!!! A Girl!!! A baby Girl. Oh how wonderful!!! Congratulations!!!! You will never be the same again, in a glorious way of course:) Being a grandparent is awesome!!!

Oh yes, the pork looks good too:) Stay safe, Tina and have a Happy! And once again, Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Le laquet said...

It is indeed a pretty name Tina! Tristan and Angel must be over the moon! Lucky little girl :o)

We wanted to wish you and Doug a happy Thanksgiving - hope its a great weekend for you both whatever you are doing and eating together!

J & S
x x

Tina said...

Thank you Louise, Doug is the grill master so we always eat well when he is in charge of cooking! Thanks also about the grand baby, this is new territory to me.

Jo and Simon, thank you so very much! The news of a girl made Tristan and Angel happy although T. Is now concerned, already, about potential boyfriends. I told him I was sure little Elizabeth's suitors would be as honorable as he was when dating, Food for thought. Bwhahaha!,

Will report back on Thanksgiving festivities!

Le laquet said...

Bwahahaha x

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