Weekend Wine Review with Pirovano Sangiovise

Have a bit of Tuscany on your table with a bottle of Pirovano Sangiovise.
Quite reasonably priced at $8.99 at Whole Foods. Not a “bum wine” and easily goes with pork or steak. I would have it with pizza too.

Jam like ( not texturally, just taste) and fruit-forward with scents of, believe it or not, tobacco.

We like most sangiovise wines and this was no exception. I certainly pushed my glass forward for a refill!


Velva said...

Sounds like I would push my glass forward for a refill.
I am giddy that Whole Foods and Trader Joe's has opened-

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.


~~louise~~ said...

Count me in! I sure wish we had a Whole Foods around here but we do have a Trader Joe's that does not sell wine, Bummer!

Thanks for sharing, Tina...

Debra Eliotseats said...

I wish our WF had a wine area. (We live in a state with antiquated liquor laws.). As usual, good review.

Tina said...

Thanks Velva, I hope you have a wonderful holiday too!

Louise, I had forgotten about Pensylvania's alcohol laws...they are archaic!

Thank you Debra- have a wonderful turkey day :-)

~~louise~~ said...

They certainly are, Tina. As a matter of fact, there's a battle going on to change them.

Just in case I don't make it back, wishing You and Yours a very Stuffed Thanksgiving!!!

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