Charles Shaw Cabernet Sauvignon is the star of Weekend Wine Review

Have you ever heard of 2 Buck Chuck? The witty nickname was applied to Trader Joe’s wine when it went on sale for $1.99 over ten years ago. It climbed in price to $2.99 and hence the new moniker – 3 Buck Chuck.

The “chuck” part of the name doesn’t refer to upchuck, a conclusion some folks may leap to as it’s a cheap wine. No, in fact the label is Charles Shaw, a bargain priced wine made from California grapes. It’s cheap, meaning inexpensive, but I don’t think I would class it with the Bum Wines.

You can grab Cabernet Sauvignon, a white Zin, Merlot…quite a variety of inexpensive wines there at Trader Joe’s store. We tried the cabernet as I am a big fan of it and do not like Zinfandels or Merlot at all.
For $3 it’s not a bad wine. It’s not a great wine either but…did you remember the part about it being $3…so, while it can be quaffed with pizza or a chicken dinner, it’s not recommended or worth the extra trip to Trader Joe’s… least not for us. Barely drinkable and only slightly inoffensive.


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Linda Perkins said...

Wow! This is really cool review. I think this wine is indeed worth a try. This would be a perfect addition to my collection. Thanks.


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