The last January for Resolutions: Final Score is Missions 4 ½ - Accomplishments 1 ½

2014. Just because it's a new year doesn’t mean I need a new list of resolutions. Why is it we only think about resolutions when the calendar changes to January of any given year?

For me, it’s the same targets no matter what month. I’d like to lose a few pounds. I’d like to read more. I’d like to keep a cleaner house, exercise with regularity, be financially responsible and have a garden. Six seemingly simple pursuits.

It would have been nice to step out of a sparkling clean home with wads of cash in my wallet, smoothing my size 6 skirt as I was off to the nursery to buy fertilizer for my burgeoning garden. But that’s not been me any time any month this past year. From January 2013 the score remains Missions 4 ½ and Accomplishments 1 ½

I take the hit on housekeeping, weight, fiduciary responsibility and gardening. Big fat zero. However, I will allow myself the victory for reading more and exercising part of this last year. Since we don’t have cable or satellite feed and use Netflix DVD delivery for big screen entertainment, I have been reading more and happier for it. As for the exercise, I will claim a half point.

We started walking back in the summer months and kept at it with a dedicated fervor. We would get out and walk, sometimes quite rapidly, in spite of the intense temperatures and humidity. This was after our warm up walk with the dogs and so, that was a good thing for a while. We had thought walking in the winter/cooler months would be a breeze but what had not been taken into account was how dark it is in the morning.

It’s very difficult to get a good pace up when it’s dark. You can’t see where you’ll step, you can’t keep a decent pace. So…all that is said to remark that we have been slacking in the exercise department since the end of daylight savings time. Just sporadically walking when time and visual conditions permit.

So there you have it. Goals sought for 2013 and my incessant procrastination revealed to all.

I won’t lay out a list of things to accomplish this year but rather strive to do all of the aforementioned year after year. Think before spending, before eating that extra doughnut, blah blah blah and you get the idea.

♫ Cha, cha, cha, changes
What I’m altering on this site is changing my weekend mini wine reviews. Wine Wednesday (not a huge change) and perhaps participate in Silent Sunday.

Speaking of the old blog here, my original idea for starting THIS site was to continue journaling, just using an electronic format. I have been writing in journals since 5th grade, perhaps earlier. My first blogspot escapade was documenting a genealogy project: that was in 2007. Over the years I have gotten caught up with so many foodie sites. Don’t get me wrong, I luuuuuve cooking and recipes and seeing what others are concocting worldwide, but it’s become a bit "recipe central" if you know what I mean. We shall see how this evolves, or devolves as the case may be.

I ask, for anyone still reading, why did you start your site and what was your intended subject matter? How about the name of your website; what was the inspiration there? Just curious as I imagine there are others like me out there. Scary thought that.

Take care….hope to socialize with you this year via the blogs or twitter or something fun.

Oh, and forget that size 6 skirt – never happen again


Debra Eliotseats said...

I was reading recently that we should use "intentions" instead of "resolutions." I started EE to document our locavore ways (and we have strayed heavily from that). We named the blog after the cat. LOL

Tina said...

I like that, Debra, using the word intentions instead. We arrived at the name for this site because of a cat related issues :-)

Debbie said...

I was journaling too! I was trying to find a place where all my 'friends' could read what i'd been up too. Then I found a food blog. Then I food a book blog, and so it goes. Mine is just a hodge-podge of whatever I want to write.
I like it like that (for the most part).
Do not....DO NOT let your blog devolve! Please.

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