The Tale of Two Honey Madelines

I have been wanting to experiment with Madeline recipes for quite some time. I am here to tell you it takes time and patience. This means if they don't turn out as "advertised" or hoped for, you are deeply disappointed. Deeply.

I experienced just that...disappointment. However, it didn't stop me from trying another method.

And on a positive note, when grousing (on twitter)about the end result and waste of so much butter, David Lebovitz (yes, THE David Lebovitz) told me the preparation/baking is trickier than it looks and spoke about his next publication My Paris Kitchen. I thought that was very kind of him to take the time. *big smile* is the first recipe I have experimented with....

First off, I was surprised they burned. It isn't as if they aren't edible but there is a faint burnt taste. And they don't look very pretty at all.

This time I did not brush the pan with butter and dust with flour. They came out better, the taste was wonderful. Little honey puffs, light cakes made for nibbling.

These look chocolatey but they aren't; they are uber-browned and these don't taste burnt.

Just as I plan to try many other brisket recipes, these madelines are not going to get the best of me. There are 3 other recipes I have in mind for experimentation so...yeah, those will come up here and there in 2014. It's not a non-fattening sort of treat so I better space out the attempts. Or buy bigger pants. Nah....

See, I ought to have pulled them from the oven earlier. First time was a 20 minute bake time, second (below) was 15 minutes.

Onward we go to 2014 armed with butter and determination. Hope to see you there!


Debra Eliotseats said...

"Armed with butter and determination..." LOL You sound like you are ready to take on 2014! I keep walking by a madeline pan at T.J. Maxx and thinking I want to make them. I think I will wait until you perfect them. David Lebovitz, eh? I am impressed!!!!

Happy New Year!

~~louise~~ said...

Kudos to you, Tina!!! I have always wanted to try my hand at Madelines but have never had the courage. Personally, I think you did terrific. I'm sure the next couple of batches are going to be even better!

Thank you so much for sharing and a Happy New Year to You and Yours! "See" you next year:)

Tina said...

Thanks to you both, Debra and Louise! Madelines are difficult and best eaten the same day so...unless you have a crowd or plan to scarf enormous quantities beware of the number of buttery beauties you will have on hand.

Thanks for the good wishes and happy new year!

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