No mannequins at this baby shower!

A week ago I went to a baby shower. I have not been to a shower for several years and that one was work related with the “party” held in our workplace cafeteria (after hours). There was cake and ice cream at that one; the parents-to-be set to opening gifts just after we all had our sugar buzz. That one was fairly quiet except for the requisite ooohs and ahhhhs as each gift was revealed. It was ok.

(Picture me working with mannequins which unpredictably come alive, some with episodes of high school drama while others are work, work, work 24-7. Then they go back to being…..mannequins)

But the shower I went to last Saturday was not boring. It was for my daughter-in-law and my very first grandbaby! Angel’s mother and aunts organized the entire shindig and it was well done. They had real food – appetizers, salad and a taco bar (all cooked fresh not catered), a beautiful cake and games. I have never been to a shower with games before. It was all quite a hoot.

One game’s goal was to guess how big the pregnant mom’s belly measured. This required pulling yarn from a skein and guessing the appropriate length to cut. Then the humiliation of having poor Angel stand while we took turns encircling her waistline with yarn. She was quite a good sport about it all. Two of her grandmothers came closest; I guess they have the most experience.

Another game was pin the bottle on a paper baby. I didn’t participate as you were blindfolded and spun around. I just am not that trusting. Then we played Baby Bingo – that was fun.

You write in the gifts you think she will receive such as diapers, clothing, etc. and as Angel opened each present, the party goers would place a dot over a correctly guessed gift. I didn’t win anything but it was quite a bit of fun.

I am pleased to say Angel and Tristan made a good haul for baby Elizabeth. She will certainly be well dressed. They clearly need lots more diapers and still need a few key items like bottles, a stroller and playpen. Overall, the kids made out.

So here we are, about to start a new chapter in our lives just as our kids are. I am very happy for them and know they’ll be excellent parents. It makes me think back to when Doug and I brought Tristan home from the hospital. As any new parent you don’t have any experience, any point of reference on what is supposed to happen or what to do. Reading about it is fine, hearing advice (like you can stop people from giving it) can be helpful but actual hands on experience teaches you and bonds you with your baby.

Here we were, 25 years ago with our 4 day old son......

Our plan is to just leave them alone and give advice when asked. Thinking back 25 years ago, the time Doug and I had alone with Tristan was wonderful. Any lack of confidence I thought I would experience melted away the first few times I could hold him and love him. It’s actually love at first sight, and I have never forgotten that moment. Hell, Doug said he wanted a brood after holding his son for one day. Yes! He said a brood! Proud to say I gave zero reaction to that remark :-)

So, there will be an update in 2 months and hopefully photos of Elizabeth Marie. We don’t plan to invade their space right after the birth but want to visit the following month, when things calm down a bit. We want to respect their privacy and let them get into a routine of their own.

When we do get up there to visit we’ll take plenty of diapers. Maybe I will bake them some Outback bread too.

Oh, here is a snap of the cake. Strawberry for the top layer and chocolate below. Very cute.

Mommy Angel packing the car......

Bye for now!


Debbie said...

Yay!! How fun! It sounds like a great shower style.
Was she able to get all that stuff in her car? LOL

Tina said...

Debbie, unbelievably yes! It was all arranged carefully, like a game of Tetris. Her grandmother had also given her this beautiful cradle which took up the back seat. Good thing Tristan didn't come along, but I wish he could have.

Le laquet said...


Debra Eliotseats said...

That cake is sooo cute. Not the typical baby shower cake. Congrats on the new grandbaby!!!!

~~louise~~ said...

How exciting, Tina! I haven't been to a baby shower in years! It sounds like they have kicked them up a notch or two, lol...

I don't know how you can contain yourself to wait an entire month, Kudos to you! I think I bothered my daughter to no end when she had her first baby, my first grandchild, although, I think it's a bit different with daughter-in-laws and sons.

it sounds like a wonderful baby shower and the gifts are awesome! I can't believe she fit them all in the car, good for her!

Thank you so much for sharing, Tina...You and hubby look so cute as new parents:)

Heather said...

Nothing but the best for my grand baby! and when I throw a party... I THROW A PARTY!

Tina said...

Thanks all! I appreciate your good wishes and comments. And Heather, sure throw a good party :-) Please tell Tim we loved his food.

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