Birds, lots of birds

These photos were taken at Holbrook Recreation and Camping area at Ft Stewart, Georgia.

Look at all these birds. They roost so high up a closeup shot is impossible. Of course, I am using my phone so I didn't expect a great photo.

There is the natural beauty of the swamp and woodland blending.

It makes you realize how this entire area was covered with this flora and gators and live oaks - what a swamp to make your way through. I don't know how anyone settled in the south hundreds of years ago.

You don't have to warn me more than once about alligators. My son said people don't pay attention to the signs and still throw a ball into the water for their dogs to fetch. Many dogs have been eaten in this lake because of that and the people cry out, we didn't know! I can read a sign - and there is more than one sign around this lake.

This is as close I could get to one bird.

I just had to share these pics - it's a pretty area to walk around.


Anonymous said...

Do you ever see "gators"?

Mrs L

Mae Travels said...

Your pictures of the rookery are beautiful.

Tina said...

Mrs L, yes! At that lake we saw a small one floating near a dock. They turn up near ponds now and then too. When I lived further south you would see them in canals lots of times.

Mae, thank you very much. It was very beautiful at that park . I love birds.

Le laquet said...

Ooooh!! I often wonder whether they come into ponds / lakes in and around towns or whether they stay away.

Lord of Squirrel Head Manor said...

Mrs. l, alligators tend to be shy, but they do wander in to the odd garage or backyard from time to time.

Le laquet said...

See in southern Africa if a croc wandered where he/she shouldn't be ... #dinner!

~~louise~~ said...

GREAT shots, Tina! I think your phone did a pretty darn good job too, lol...I'm so glad you shared!!!

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