Wine Wednesday - Selvapiana Chianti Rufina & new wine glasses

Try saying Selvapiana Chianti Rufina after a glass or more of this refreshing ruby red wine. The name doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue but the taste is deliciously juicy with blackberry and a hint of spice. Cinnamon comes to mind, but a light touch of it.

I saw these wine glasses used in a few movies and in a few cookbook photos too. The appeal of the stemmed glass, a traditional wine glass, wins out over these stemless varieties. Still, I had to try them. The glass itself is delicate and well-shaped but there is just something about holding the glass in my hot little hand that I don’t care for.

With regular stemware I sip and sniff. Obviously you wouldn’t want to use them with white wine as it would warm the vino too much. We are keeping the glasses but now that I have tried them, definitely prefer a traditional stemmed wine glass.

Still loving that chianti though!


Le laquet said...

Glasses could be used for a layered fruit with yoghurt / crème fraîche dessert with a brûlée topping???

Tina said...

Mrs L, that's a brilliant idea! I need to send you an email, catch up on lots of things :-) hope you are still on holiday and enjoying


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