Thyme and Feta Lamb is served for
I ♥ Cooking Club

Can you believe we are in the first full week of August? This summer is buzzing by, not that I mind the advance on the calendar toward cooler weather but wow…..August already.

This is the time of year we would take our son to the school’s open house and meet his teachers and see his classroom. (That was almost 20 years ago). It’s also the time of year we would drop him at band camp loaded down with saxophone, lunch and a large jug of water. (That was just 10 years ago.)

Ok, I am getting lost in reminiscing and forgot about the fantastic lamb dinner we had. The theme this week at I Heart Cooking Clubs is Moreish – as in I want more, please, another helping for me!

From Nigel Slater’s book Kitchen Diaries I present Thyme and Feta Lamb. It’s so good you will want more. I can only eat two chops, especially with the appetizer and sides we had with this meal.

Thyme and Feta Lamb
from The Kitchen Diaries

Ingredients and method:

12 small lamb chops (I used 8 thick ones)
2 TB lemon juice
2 TB olive oil
3 garlic cloves, crushed
Approx.. 2 TB fresh thyme leaves
¼ lb. Feta cheese
Small handful of mint leaves, chopped

Place lamb chops in a small dish. Squeeze the lemon and add to olive oil and thyme. Add garlic and sea salt. Now let lamb marinate I this gooey mixture for at least one hour.

Grill the lamb (Doug grilled over a charcoal fire) and when done remove to plates. Now add a bit of thyme and feta to the hot chops.

We served the lamb chops with golden buttery potatoes, asparagus and eggplant caviar

This is my contribution to this weeks theme Moreish at I ♥ Cooking Club. Join in, it's a fun and friendly group!


Zosia said...

Mmmmm.....charcoal-grilled, lemony, garlicky lamb chops....definitely moreish. I could do with a plate of that right now!

Velva said...

I am getting lost too, in where did all the time go!

Great meal. This is a beautiful entree for late summer into fall.

Hope all is well.

kitchen flavours said...

Ooh...that look so delicious!

Ms Howtheylived said...

This looks so delicious, thanks for sharing it!

Kim said...

Tina- I hear ya! The time just seems to fly by.

I absolutely love lamb and feta and oh my does this look incredible! So succulent and full of flavor. Great choice. I'd want more of it too:)

Deb in Hawaii said...

What a fabulous dinner. I love the thyme and feta pairing with the lamb--perfect flavors and perfectly "moreish." ;-)

ostwestwind said...

This is definitely moreish! And yes, this summer is hot, even in Northern Germany, but I love it!

Tina said...

Thanks so much for the nice comments! I appreciate you visiting :-) I am visiting your sites now.

Couscous & Consciousness said...

Great choice, Tina. I love a good grilled lamb chop, and with spring now only a couple of weeks away, it won't be long before we are breaking out the barbeque. The marinade sounds delicious, and the thyme and feta topping is just perfect. An utterly delicious meal.

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