Apalachicola Florida - Boss Oyster & The National Forest

We took a week off earlier in October and played. We didn't spend lots of money, we didn't travel but we did enjoy each and every day we were away of our work environment. The days consisted of reading, crocheting (for me), star gazing with the telescope (for Doug), shooting at Talon and preparing some good meals at home.

We did select one day to drive to Apalachicola for oysters and bop along some dirt side roads into the national forest.

After wandering around the tiny little town of Apalachicola we decided to try eating at Boss Oyster.

The menu at Boss Oyster will have you at a loss - there are so many good offerings making it difficult to choose. This photo below is just a fraction of the choices.

We started with a dozen raw oysters. They serve oysters with bacon, with jalapenos, with spinach and cheese...any combination you can think of - they'll prepare it. Menu Here

We had them plain. Big, fat, salty oysters. Horseradish for mine please!

I never did get a photo of the baskets we ordered. Doug had the grilled grouper and I had the grilled shrimp with cheese grits and slaw.

This is a view we had from our seats in the restaurant. It was such a nice day we sat outside on their deck.

On the way back home we explored little side roads, just to see what was down there.

Honestly, we couldn't have asked for better weather. The skies were brilliant blue, the temperatures were not-too-hot and not-to-cool. A rare thing in these parts as you are usually taking cover from the blazing sun

This was one of the best days. Doug's SUV has mud all over it from the little roads but it was a blast bumping along, having the wheels skid a little as we took a muddy curve.

It's a two-hour ride to get to Apalachicola but well worth it. Great day!


Debbie said...

How beautiful! And fun to just hang out together and do the stuff you like to do.

Joanne said...

Sounds like a fun outing and a great meal!

Mae Travels said...

Those are really tempting oysters! Looks like you had fun.

Le laquet said...

I LOVE oysters! And scallops. And crab. And ... everything!
What a gorgeous day you had!

Tina said...

It was great fun, thanks ladies for the nice comments. Much appreciated :-)

~~louise~~ said...

I'm delighted for you guys, Tina! It sounds like you had not only a tasty day but one filled with joy and laughter and lots of fun!!!

Thanks for sharing...

Velva said...

What a great way to spend teh day!!! I know you enjoyed that week away from the grind.


Tina said...

Thanks Louise & Velva for stopping by. Yes, it was a fantastic day, wish they could all be that way with nice weather and fun times :-)

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