Saturday, May 23, 2015

Mini Update:
My month in a glance

For the past few weeks we have been graced with cool mornings, perfect for the early walks we have been taking. Very happy we have started our walking regimen again.
The temperature shoots up from 65 F to a miserably hot 94 F by afternoon but hey…it’s just that time of year in north Florida. It’s a temporary reprieve from the humid sticky mornings we’ll have back soon. We will still walk.

IMG_2889 (1)

The garden has been more successful this year than last but the heat has basically destroyed the delicate little peas that were blooming. The few we picked were incredibly sweet and I wish we had put them in much earlier in the year. We learn something new all the time and I think each successive garden will be a little better for it.

immersion-blender (1)

A cool new kitchen gadget recently acquired was a Cuisinart immersion blender. It’s a beauty, pretty red coloring and made itself useful when making leek and potato soup. Unfortunately I am the most accident prone and graceless individual in the house so…….while cleaning it one evening after dinner, after a glass of wine ( although to be fair why blame the innocent wine) I cut my finger. Badly cut, truth be told. It was a small half-moon of a cut to the left index finger but it was a very deep cut.

I rinsed it and blood continued to run down my hand and arm. I wrapped it in paper towels, they immediately absorbed the blood ….then trickled down my arm again. It was on the floor, in the sink, on the garbage can. Doug decided I most likely needed it stitched so off we went to one of those Doc in a Box places. You know the sort, Patient’s First facilities.

Well, what a buzz kill! Plus, those medical facilities are closed by 7 p.m. so…completely useless. I wasn’t keen on paying the $100 to go to the emergency room so we opted to get an anti-bacterial ointment and bandages at a drugstore. We always do such fun stuff together. Me with my arm stretched out over a flat top trash can, the bloody kitchen towel under my hand. Doug administering the ointment and placing a bandage over the wound. Customers approaching the store, giving us side glances and scurrying inside, probably deciding we are reprehensible brigands.

Good times, good times.

Let’s talk books and DVDS now…get away from all this bloodshed. What have you been reading or watching?

Loving the series Strike Back and plan to add season two to Netflicks. If you like action themed shows with lots of gunfire, explosions and espionage – this is the show for you. Interstellar was good as was Fury. Loved Fury.

beeI am currently reading The Beekeeper’s Daughter by Santa Montefiore and enjoying it. I wasn’t invested with the beginning character Trixie but her mother Grace’s backstory is engaging. On the list for Dark Places by Gillian Flynn, The Girl on the Train and an Inspector Banks mystery.

So, gardening, reading, watching, walking and yard work is it for us. Hope your month is going well.


Debbie said...

ACK!!!! I hope your finger is fine. I still need to get off my butt and walk! and you are reading some good books.

Debbie said...

PS those immersion blenders ARE sharp!!

Mae Travels said...

I also love my immersion blender, but somehow it's never tried to attack me! Glad you are healing.

Joanne said...

Don't give up on the immersion blender! I just try to rinse off the inside part with the blade instead of actual getting in there and washing it...usually it cleans off pretty quickly!

Kim said...

Oh no! Sorry you had an encounter with the immersion blender! Those things are sharp. Glad Doug helped you get all fixed up. I cut myself on a mandoline once is it looked like a crime scene up in my house!

Glad you are still enjoying walks in the morning.

Been on any bike rides?

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