Saturday, July 04, 2015

A ride to Dothan AL and other ramblings

Yesterday we took a ride to Dothan Alabama but for some reason, I completely forgot about taking photos. It was the longest ride we have taken with the Tri-Glide. Tristan and his wife were able to join us and I'm glad they could. It's been a long time since we took a ride with them.

We ate at Smokey Joe's BBQ and it was just run of the mill. The food was good, just nothing special to make you want to ride there for that particular restaurant. Plenty of other places we still want to try in Dothan. The day started off with cooler than normal temperatures so that was nice. By the afternoon when we headed back to Florida it was scorching hot. So glad I didn't look at my phone app where it gives the heat indexes. When we got home I looked - 102 F....ouch!

So. A few posts back I mentioned I wanted to combine my two blogs and just update one. I had a little poll on the side for a bit so I could see if anyone had interest in one spot over the other. I had three votes on this site preferring Squirrel Head Manor. I had three votes on Novel Meals preferring...Novel Meals. Folks that visit me are interested in either the bookish theme or this food-and-life-events. The paths do not cross. Well...mostly they don't cross.

Since I have joined in on several book challenges tied to Novel Meals I will continue to do my book reviews there for the remainder of the year. Squirrel Head Manor has been my blogesphere home for over 8 years, since 2007.

I will remain here. Possibly when my book challenges are done I'll start posting them here. I like Wordpress very much but I am tied sentimentally to this old site. Until the time Blogger abandons the platform (and yes I have heard rumors of them doing that) I'll hang out here and hope you continue to join me.

Happy 4th of July to my American buddies!


Velva said...

I am voting for Squirrel head Manor!

Glorious day for a ride too-The weather was hot but still a pretty day.


Tina said...

Welcome back, Velva! I know you are missing the Irish weather, my goodness it's hot here!

Love the photos you've been posting 😃❤️

Le laquet said...

The heat is killing me here! I have umbrellas up over the back windows. #sweat

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