What's been going on around these parts.........

Ok, in a snapshot here's the scoop from our place. Today we are planning a ride to St Marks for a seafood lunch. Then we'll take the long way home through the Apalachicola National forest. It ought to be good and steamy by then so we'll be ready to get home. Photos later...........


We finished season two of Broadchurch and I am hoping they’ll do another season. This season wrapped up two different investigations so it could rest there but the acting was so good, I am hoping for more starring David Tenent and Oliva Coleman. All of the actors were superb. You are swept up with the raw emotion and story line. The music was perfect, as it was in season one.


Looking forward to the final season of Justified. Netflicks finally has it. I am too cheap to buy it.

We were a bit disappointed in Chappie and also in a series new to us, Banshee. We turned Banshee back in to our library after being bored with one episode.

Yummy meals

Shrimp and feta on pasta with cool glass of Rose.  Perfect for these hot evenings and fairly low calorie too.


I received my first box from Stitch Fix and am looking forward to the next one. If you haven’t heard of it it’s an amazing little program for those of us who hate to go clothes shopping. Sometimes I feel like I am in the minority of women who hate shopping but I am finding more who agree with me. It’s confusing when I walk into a department store and see all the sections with varying sizes. There is Petite, Women’s, Juniors, Active wear and more. Each section will have different sizes. See….I get lost in all that right from the start.

This is one top that I was thinking would go back. As soon as I saw it I thought, this is just not me. But it's great and I have gotten many compliments on it when I wear it to work. OK, not the best photo but I wanted to share.

Stitch Fix has a questionnaire where you must be very honest about your weight, measurements, color preferences, etc and they select 5 articles of clothing per your profile. It comes in the mail and you can send it back, all of it or just some of it, postage paid. Just try everything on first. You even set your price. There is a drop down menu where you can cap the price of particular items such as blouses, dresses, accessories, and all that.

If you check it out I would love it if you’d use my referral link here. StitchFix referral

Books and Reading

Lately I have been getting into reading the Pioneer Woman cookbooks. They are filled with recipes but I love the storylines.

For fiction I have read The Dynamite Room by Jason Hewitt.

Secrets of the Lighthouse by Santa Montefiore.  This one has Ireland as a backdrop, it leans toward the chick-lit genre but there is mystery as well.  Also The Beekeeper’s Daughter, also by Santa Montefiore. This one is based in Devon England pre-WW II (and just after) and Massachusetts.

Dark Places by Gillian Flynn.  Disturbing relationships and dysfunctional society. Dark indeed.

That was a longer update that I planned but....you are up to date. This next week I am looking forward to participating in a Reader's Workout, I Heart Cooking Club and uploading some new photos. Hope all is well in your world!



Katherine P said...

I've been wanting to do Stitchfix FOREVER! It seems like so much fun. I'll save your referral link for if I ever actually do it. That's too bad about Banshee. I loved the acting of Broadchurch and I adore David Tennant but the storyline itself was just a little too grim for my wimpy self. Have a great week!

Le laquet said...

Looking good lyfli!

Joanne said...

Yay for Stitch Fix!! I HATE shopping, but I love getting clothes in the mail...so it's a win/win.

Tina said...

Thank you, Katherine, I think you'd like Stitch Fix. I love it!
Broadchurch does deal with delicate matters but fortunately they don't show it. Great acting, I agree.

Mrs. L., Why thank you so much :-)

So true, Joanne. Loving your photos of Italy. Have been showing them around...jealously :-)

Vicki said...

I love the lighthouse photo!
I've never seen Broadchurch. I don't even know if I get it.
I like that top! Very pretty!

Tina said...

We received Broadchurch through Netflix but our local library just acquired seasons 1and 2.

Thanks, that top is sheerish and came with a matching camisole . I love it!

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