Sunday, August 16, 2015

Apalachicola Bound - Trike Trip

We are a happy couple! We took a long, long ride to the coastal town of Apalachicola on Saturday.


We have been stopping on this bridge to get photos of each bike over the last 6 years - it's a great place to stop. Pretty scenery. Here is Doug, a happy man when we can ride.


One of these days I will find all the bike photos on this bridge and post each one.


Pretty day to ride.........

FullSizeRender (4)

We were coming toward the end of the road where we could head west toward Apalachicola.


While the rain forecast only called for 20% it sure was raining over St George Island. Pretty rain clouds.


At the Apalachia Grill we enjoyed a grilled haddock sandwich and their wonderfully rich potato salad. This hunk of fish was huge!


Walking around we spied this old building. It's a hull filled with vines and old pieces of brick......We leaned in to see what we could see.


It was pretty in an artsy sorta way, I liked the way the shadows played across all the ancient bricks. I wonder what was in here years ago?


Here is the funny thing - as Doug was leaning in getting his photos in black and white, it attacted the attention of passerbys who then stopped and qued up to see what we were looking at. Then a car slowed down and braked, looking to see what the crowd was about. Too funny!


Random sea gull. He wouldn't let us get close enough to have a photo taken with him.


A shrimp boat docked....


After rejuvenating with a shower after a long ride, we met the kids for dinner in Havana the same evening.


Elizabeth likes Harleys - can't you see her getting her own when she's 18?


After a nice dinner with our kids and grandbaby we headed back home for a quiet evening with wine and cheese.


When we vacation I hope to share photos of Panama City. C'mon cooler weather!!


For more photos of the town of Apalachicola click HERE

Bye for now!



Joanne said...

I love hearing about your weekend riding adventures!

Tina said...

Thank you Joanne!!

Vicki said...

Fun!! I love when you post your trike trips!

Tina said...

Thank you, Vicki! I like sharing them, it's a blast. ❤️

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