Monday, August 31, 2015

Destination Unknown

Some of our best rides are when we head out with no destination in mind. No idea which route we'll take....just turning on side roads we see on our way to Jones Market. Here are some of the sights I see.


Big fields and farms.....


Old, old structures in the fields.......


Sweeping roads........not much traffic


Off to the side I see one of those complicated sprinkler systems in a farmer's field. This sort "walks" the field spraying the crops with water.


Here are some purple martin houses. So pretty.


Riding into a small town with only one gas station, a hardware store and undertaker...well, at least on this main road.


I love the rural rides the best


Here is an unintentional selfie as I tried to get a snap of the road behind me...........


There are some old and stately homes on the outskirts of Cairo Georgia....


Very old cemeteries......


Doug gearing up after we stopped for a biscuit and coffee.


Here is a shot from above - and I didn't fall off when snapping it!


More to come. Alas, we must go to work during the week so no riding photos. Looking forward to a trip to St George Island soon!


Katherine P said...

What a fun adventure! My husband and I have started doing this sometimes though in a car. We'll pick a point and then try to get there the most random way possible. It's so much fun and definitely one of those things we plan on doing lots more of when we're empty nesters!

Tina said...

Doug and I are enjoying this trike but we have always liked playing. Probably why we won't retire when our years are in at work so we can pay for the trips, Lol!

Debbie said...

Hey....I read your comment on Trish's blog and just wanted to tell you....I'm so glad you are here! What a scary time in your life. I love that you still have the letters you wrote your son.
Glad that you and Doug are enjoying life and having fun on trips like these.

Tina said...

Thank you, Debbie! I can tell you we are having a blast on the trike trips. The ferocious heat is the only thing that's a drag. Wears you out.
I am very happy to be here 😄

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