Friday, October 02, 2015

Riding on the weekend - Marianna Florida

It’s getting to be nicer weather to go for a ride! We took a short ride west to Marianna Florida. It was only about 80 miles directly to Marianna but we skirted around some side roads on the way home. Probably 170 miles total, give or take.


Look at the Chamber of Commerce…..looks like it’s out of the old south (well, I guess it is…duh!) something from Gone with the Wind. Can't you just see Aunt Bea and Sheriff Andy Taylor from Mayberry walking around these parts?


Here is the post office. This building has a style that puts you in mind of St Augustine with orange tiled roof.


This is a gazebo set across from an old hotel. The hotel has been “repurposed” as a facility for elderly people. I didn’t get a photo of it because it was not only a very depressing place, but there were so many older residents sitting out front, just wiling the time away. They didn’t look happy, the building was faded and it just looked …..depressing. The gazebo is walking distance and I’m sure some residents stroll over to sit in the shade some days.


My new hair tie, what do you think? This keeps my tresses from tangling when riding. It may keep me from cutting my hair, now that I have soent money on this little leather contraption. Sometimes the hair is troublesome but I am aiming for a long braid…if I have patience to let it keep growing.


Before a ride we usually research what sort of locally owned restaurants are open. Unfortunately the places we wanted to eat were closed so we stumbled on to this little country place – Bobbie’s Waffle House. This is one that’s privately owned, not a franchise or chain, and they had some good food. My chicken salad was the homemade sort, not from big cans or pre-processed. Very good. We also had some homemade peach cobbler for dessert – just couldn’t resist a homemade batch.

The clientele ranged from young people with razor cut sleeved tank tops, to older couples (maybe in their 70s) wearing what one would call church clothes, pearls and all. And then there’s us.


Hay bales! I like seeing fields of them, they are so pretty to me.

FullSizeRender (5)

After a few hours away from home Aja was glad to see us again. BY the way, with the exception of my hair tie photo all others are taken by me on the back of the trike as Doug rides. It isn't always ideal for good shots but sometimes I can capture the moment.

Next ride planned may be Eufalia Alabama, depends on the weather. It’s about a 2 ½ hour ride one-way so we will check the rain percentage first.

Bye for now!


Debbie said...

Looks like so much fun!!

Tina said...

It is, Debbie! You just wait until we can ride out your way. I am looking forward to the scenery and meeting you.

Katherine P said...

Looks like a lovely ride! We like exploring our area on weekends though in a car. It's always such fun to explore and make discoveries. That Chamber of Commerce building is gorgeous! I'd love to go up to the top of that little tower.

Tina said...

I'll bet it was someone's home many years ago, Katheyibe. An estate or something. Very cool buildings.

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