Sunday, November 08, 2015

Mad Anthony's Waterfront Grille in Panacea Florida

Yesterday it was fairly nice the morning. The afternoon had a high percentage for rain and it surely did cloud up later in the day. But the morning was great. We rode with Tristan and Angel to Panacea and ate at Mad Anthony's on the water.


I had fish tacos and it was soooo good. I would definitely get them again. I didn't get a photo because we were all talking and enjoying each other's company. But this photo below, the grilled grouper sandwich with cheese grits, is from a previous excursion. Excellent food and service there.


Here are some of the views from the restaurant.


It's a good location, great views.


Calm waters


And here come the clouds......


The kids ended up leaving their bike at our house since we have a covered area to park. Good thing since today it's pouring rain.


That's about all that is going on here at present. I am eagerly awaiting Kate Morton's latest book The Lake House. I am number one in line at the library so I haven't started anything else yet. It's a fat book and I'll only have three weeks with it. Amazon is charging $13 for the Kindle version but I am not going to pay that for a digital book, one that I won't be able to loan later.

Ok, that's a book rant for another time. Tomorrow I'll be hooking up with Mailbox Monday on the book blog and catching up on correspondence.

I hope you are having nicer weather than we are at present and all is well in your world.


Debbie said...

Hi Tina---sounds like things are going well for you. I do the same thing, forget to take photos--ALL THE TIME! hahaha.
I have to your son's beard really that thick? Or does he have a face mask on?

Tina said...

We've been doing ok, Debbie. Enjoying riding on weekends as the weather permits. No, Tristan is clean shaven! Google beard beanie and you'll see the varieties of beards. He wears it with his half shell helmet, it's all crocheted 😉

Vicki said...

I love restaurants that are on/by the water. Sounds like you had a great time. I've never heard of a beard beanie, so I googled it. Strange, but it would come in handy. I might get my son one for our trip to NYC.

Velva said...

And oh boy, did the rain come!!!! Sounds like a great day enjoying life.


Tina said...

I like the sound of the water too. It's relaxing. Yes, a beard beanie keeps the sun off of his face too so that's good.

Tina said...

Thanks, Velva, it was relaxing. But I am tired of this rain already!

Le laquet said...

Oh of our local chains do great seasonal fish tacos - yum.
The views look amazing, what a bloody brilliant day :)

Tina said...

I am a big fan of them if the fish is grilled. It sure was unusually warm for us this time of year but it makes for good riding weather.

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