What's going on? Reading, menu planning, Netflicks and such

I'm Currently............

Reading: Between books at this moment as I await The Lake House by Kate Morton from the library. I'm number one in line so....any day now. There are so many books in my to-read list and many of them are in the house. That should be a resolution of mine for next year: Project Read What is in the Home! For 2016 I will be done with all Tana French has written and will make an effort to finish all the Peter Robinson books as well. Two of my favorite authors.


Let's see which book challenges, if any, I would like to participate in for next year. Lee Child heads my list of to-read also. But it's still Novemeber so I'll think about reading goals later on.

Watching: The series Weeds and DCI Banks season 2 through Netflicks. Awaiting some newer movies such as Strangerland (starring Nicole Kidman and Hugo Weaving) and Selfless with Ryan Reynolds.


We are caught up with The Walking Dead and have to wait a year before we get the season that is currently broadcasting. I have to stop a woman at work from telling me anything because I hate spoilers! She’s pretty good about it though and wants me to watch so we can talk about it. Also waiting for season 4 of Strikeback but it’s also being broadcast now.


Menu Planning: I have been going to some old favorites lately but trying out a few dishes from Pioneer Woman’s latest cookbook. Also, I want to prepare Steak Diane soon as it’s my inspiration from a Tana French book, The Likeness. That will be one of the decadent meals for the week as it involves cream, filet and brandy. Oh yeaaaah.

Here is a tried and true favorite. Chicken Burritos.


Speaking of standby recipes here is one I make now and again and we like it very much. Click HERE for the full recipe but I’ll share the photo tutorial in this post.

It’s semi-heavy prep upfront but then they are combined very quickly. Here is a snap of our kitchen table with everything ready.


I fold up two tortillas at a time and put the ingredients in, saving a bit of time. Not much but still....



So, what are you reading, watching and planning?


Katherine P said...

I love the Project Read What's In My House idea! Any project hat has a title is so much better than one that doesn't. I think I might borrow this resolution for 2016 as I'm in a desperate state over here. I've been watching Waking the Dead on Hulu and really enjoying it. I watched the first 5 seasons on Netflix but for some reason they didn't have the whole series! I was thrilled when I discovered it on Hulu. I like your tortilla rolling method. Dinner at your youse sounds yummy!

Tina said...

Katherine you are always welcome to have dinner with us! I haven't made any firm plans for reading next year but I was going to try and tackle some of the books I drag home. It seems there is always a good book available at the library so I postpone pulling one off my over burdened shelves here 😀

I have heard of Hulu but if it is a streaming type delivery we wouldn't be able to use it. We are limited to 5 gigs on the MiFi gadget. Netflicks delivery via mail works though!

Vicki said...

I haven't seen those tv shows, I might check them out.

I love the idea of "Project Read What's In My House". Maybe you should host a challenge in 2016 so others can join you!

Those Chicken Burritos sound really good.

Le laquet said...

Chicken burritos would ring my bell ;)

Tina said...

Thank you, Vicki, I had thought about a book challenge but I am the biggest idiot when it comes to setting up Mr Linky!
We like action shows and movies but always have to wait for Netflicks.

Tina said...

Mrs. L, I didn't know you were a Strikeback fan. How much do you love Michael?! That's a great action show.
We are finally getting into the weather for cassoulet sand Nigella's Rapid Ragu. I love the winter time dishes.

Debbie said...

I love your updates. I have been on a non-stop reading binge....joined too many challenges. Sometimes--that can be not as enjoyable as I want it to be. Chicken burritos sound great! And I too have to wait for the Walking Dead. :~(

Trish said...

We've been loving on enchiladas lately but it's the same--just time intensive to prep everything! Or maybe it's just the number of pots and bowls. But everyone (except the little) enjoys, so I guess that's a plus.

Having just read my first Tana French this year, I'm looking forward to reading more of hers. I think The Likeness is the one I've heard the most praise for!

Le laquet said...

Philip Winchester or Sullivan Stapleton​ ... I'm easy!

Judy said...

Books and cooking. What a combo! I am a big fan of Tana French (I wasn't crazy about Broken Harbor, but love her other books.) While I've only read a few Peter Robinson books, one of my dearest friends was a big, big fan. She died two years ago, but whenever I come across a reference to PR, I always think of her.
Given your great taste in fiction, I'm going to try the DCI Banks series.

Tina said...

Debbie, I have such a hard time avoiding Walking Dead spoilers! Good for you on the reading challenges. I only participated in 2 this year.

Trish, I liked book three by Tana French the best. That was called Faithful Place. Yeah, enchiladas are time consuming in the prep but totally worth it!

Mrs. L, they both have their appealing features :-)

Thank you, Judy, I hope we have lots of book talk, especially about PR and French!

Le laquet said...

I wouldn't say no ;)

Seven Hour Lamb with White Beans <br>{ make that less than 2 hours in the Instant Pot}</br>

It's good to get back to posting about food after a short break. Next year I will be getting a flu shot; this bout knocked me for a loop...