Walkabout in Havana Florida

We live fairly close to the small town of Havana, an antique haven for those who like browsing old furniture. There are many old buildings and homes…makes you feel like you’ve gone back in time a bit.


Many of the brick buildings are decorated with life size artwork. This Bear is dressed as a police officer and waves to the passing cars. I ought to have had my photo taken with it so you could see how large it is.


This one is, appropriately, outside the small newspaper office on the corner. He looks real from a distance and stands roughly 6 feet tall.


Here is a close up shot and one taken from across the street. You may want to see what this vendor has to offer but it’s only a painted wooden display.



The local businesses had their signs up as decoration and advertisement.


Animal Rescue Groups hold a special place in my heart. I wish there enough homes for all. Poor babies deserve a good forever home.


Speaking of rescue pets...ours is about done in walking around. She is 13 and needs some rest.


This old house was moved to the area. It's an amazing old building and the owners have done much to fix it up, make it pretty. I remember when it was brought in many years ago. It needed much work and paint. Now it's a business.


I wonder what it was like living in such a stately old home. Drafty I imagine :-)


That's my short walkabout for the small area of Havana. Hope you enjoyed the blue skies and photos.


Le laquet said...

So very pretty - I love the town clock!

JoAnn said...

Such a beautiful town! I enjoyed my walk :)

Tina said...

Thank you, ladies! That is about all there is to see of Havana, it's incredibly small 😉

Sim Carter said...

I’m going to have to do some additional research. We live in Los Angeles but are thinking about where to spending the upcoming retirement years, Havana looks very sweet!

Vicki said...

Thanks for taking us on your trip to Havana! I love all the photos, especially the man reading the paper and the hot dog vendor. Your dog is beautiful!

Tina said...

It's a cute SMALL town but you won't find any of the amenities of LA 😊

Tina said...

Thank you , Vicki, it's a nice place to take a walk. Aja is our beauty, she loves outings .

Katherine P said...

What a lovely little town! I love all the art and signs. If I'm ever in the area I'd definitely have to add it to my itinerary. I love poking around in antique stores and it looks like a fun town to walk around in.

Tina said...

I would be happy to walk around with you, Katherine.

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