Sunday, February 14, 2016

Meal Planning # 10
{Baguettes, Peach Pie and Jamie Oliver's Lemon Chicken}

♥ ♥ Happy Valentine's Day to you. ♥ ♥

This has been a week up ups and down temperature wise. No kidding, we saw a high or 78 F (25 C) last Tuesday but only a few days later our high was 52 F (11 C). Northern Florida and crazy fluctuating temperatures. Since we planted chard, broccoli, strawberries and butter lettuce we have had to cover the tender little plants to protect from frost.

Here’s a week of meals, Enjoy!

*Grilled wings, Mediterranean Orzo Salad and green beans



Pasta and sauce, homemade bread

* Jamie Oliver’s lemon Chicken with potatoes and beans and

roast chicken 016

* Baguette and peach pie


* Leftovers

* Grilled marinated Flank Steak, roasted turnips and sweet potatoes (We had grilled flank on week 6 also)

We eat lots of leftovers as you can see but I cook a lot of food! That's great for leftover dinners as well as lunches at work.

Hope your week of meal planning is going well.

I may do another few posts on meal planning and then retire the posts. We'll see what I am in the mood for.

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Le laquet said...

I'd love a really good Italian inspired lemon chicken recipe. How was it?

Tina said...

It was good, Mrs L. This is a Jamie Oliver recipe and always a winner, very consistent. I hope to get a brisket soon while the weather is cooler, toasting that would sure heat up the kitchen.

Beth F said...

I'm such a fan of grilled flank steak -- I don't know why people don't eat it more often. ANNNNND now I'm going to have to add it to my food plan for next week.

And, yes, investigate the food podcasts. I think America's Test Kitchen has one too, but I've not listened to it.

Katherine P said...

YUM!! I now want peach pie. That Mediterranean Orzo salad looks tasty and Lemon Chicken sounds perfect right about now!

Claudia said...

Thanks for the ideas. Haven't had flank steak for awhile, but my favorite way of fixing it is to pound flatter, then roll around a spinach or chard, etc. filling and slow roast.

Carole said...

Frost in Florida - I would never have thought! Lemon improves almost everything I think. Cheers from Carole's Chatter!

Laurie C said...

Wow! I wish my weekly menu had homemade peach pie in it! Yum! That's my favorite pie. Or maybe strawberry-rhubarb. Or good old apple. Well, any one of them is my favorite as long as it's a little warm with some good vanilla ice cream on top!

Vicki said...

We've only had a light frost in central Florida, but our temps have been crazy too.

Your food looks so good!

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