Monday, March 28, 2016

Stream of Consciousness

Finally the pollen is clearing up here in North Florida. It must have been the deluge of rain we received over a 72 hour period. Seriously, our back porch area had a moat for hours over the weekend. The ground couldn’t absorb the rain as fast as it was falling. On the plus side of that, I am breathing again. Doug cut the grass a week ago and the yellow powdery pollen was floating everywhere. I’m sure that’s where I got a snoot full of the horrid stuff.

All the rain has the back yard looking fairly well....lots of blossoms on the azaleas

I recently finished Tana French’s book Broken Harbor, very much enjoyed it. I would read anything she wrote. Well, I saw her fifth book was on sale at Amazon for the Kindle price of $7.99 so I bought it. Right now I am savoring the fact that I own it and finishing All Roads Lead to Austen by Amy Elizabeth Smith. Then it’s back to police procedurals. I am giving Doug a chance to read it first if he wants, but will get to it soon as I await French's next book, The Trespasser.

What is up with Instagram? If anyone reads this and knows what they are doing with the photo stream please clue me in. By the way, I deactivated my accounts with Twitter and Pinterest - I have not “dumped” anyone, I have dumped those social media accounts, that’s all. But Instagram still has my attention if I can figure out what the fuss is about push notifications, Anyone?

This is from Pumpkin the Raccoon's account on instragram. I love following him.

The garden looks good, for a small garden. We harvested baby broccoli and now realize we need to plant full sized broccoli. The baby variety yielded good stating flowerettes but it wasn't enough. Will write that down for next year's plan. The Chard looks amazing and so far the tomatoes are doing well. Doug saw a few formed strawberries so we’ll see if we can get any before the birds or rabbits eat their share.

We haven’t had any wine since October. How about that….it just happened while I was ill with a cold. I didn’t want anything but orange juice and tea. Doug made me a bourbon and honey to help my throat and I enjoyed it. Then he got a cold. So after a month we were both off wine and hadn’t wanted the foggy old head that comes with over indulgence. Just thought I’d mention that.

So, that’s about it here. Looking forward to Spring weather and riding on the trike to find good local chow, take photos and have fun. Hope all is well in your world. Let me know about Instagram if you know what’s up.


Velva said...

The weekend was a wet mess. It seems that all the pollen settled onto my patio (sigh). No fuss on Instagram. Instagram is trying to sort the photos they they think you will like best and then they know where to put the sponsored posts. Nothing more than any other social media outlet is doing. Push notifications? I get them its one of the few I enjoy.. I need to look for Pumpkin the Raccoon on Instagram.

We just planted the garden. Hopefully, all is well after this deluge. You and Doug should come out to the garden in late spring to visit.

Happy spring!

Le laquet said...

Storm Katie was with us this weekend, so we are still a wet mess 😡 Somme of our fence panels are now next door, so at some point we need to go and ask for them back.
Have you tried a saltwater nasal spray for the pollen?
I am very jealous of the garden and veggies, our growing is very much in its infancy at this point of the year.
I 😚 Instagram and raccoonsee.

Le laquet said...

However I hate predictive text *see above*

Vicki said...

Pollen isn't as bad here either. It rained and rained for 2 days here. I follow Pumpkin on Instagram. I love the photo of him holding his paw? over the dogs eye! I haven't noticed anything different on Instagram but you're the 2nd person to mention something about it.

Debra Eliotseats said...

We trimmed out so lower limbs of our mature pine trees last weekend and the pine pollen was dancing everywhere. I want to pick up this book! Wonder if it's still on sale at Amazon. Have a great week! (Thanks for reminding me to link up to Souper Sunday!)

~~louise~~ said...

Hi Tina:)
I was wondering how you "guys" were weathering the rain. I bet you're glad it has passed:)

I'm new to Instagram and I'll be darned if I can get the hang of it. I have no idea what or where photo stream is so I'm no help. I hope you find out so you can tell me, lol...Kudos to you for dumping Twitter & Pinterest, I'm thinking of doing the same. Too time consuming and I'm not sure as to the reasons. Perhaps, I'm going through a phase, lol...

Congrats on the green thumbs. Glad to hear you're going with the full size broccoli. Sometimes you can get more than one harvest from one plant. There may be time to plant a second planting before it gets too hot by you:) Gee, I wonder if it works with baby broccoli too?

I can't remember the last time I had Wine. I thought for sure my son was going to bring me a bottle back from Italy and I was worried whether I would be as thrilled as I should have been. Good thing he didn't lol...Glad your cold is over. Now take care of those allergies and go weed!!!

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