Listening, Reading, Riding, Watching…

Life is going along in the same pattern for us. We are trying to stay cool and avoid the hot afternoon temps. Listening to music in the evenings or watching a movie. Got back into wines again but I have to say I have enjoyed trying new bourbons, listening to music and giving Aja treats.

Watching: Ray Donovan and loving it. We just finished season three and now have to wait for season 4 to go on DVD. The show is packed with action and Liev Schreiber isn’t hard on the eyes either. If you are a fan, wouldn’t you agree the episode Walk this Way from season two was the best one ever! I want to watch it again. We have also watched The 33, a true story about the Chilean miners who were trapped underground for 69 days.


: I read Not Working (it was ok) and attempted The Secret Place. Right now I am captivated by The Twelve by Justin Cronin. It’s been a while since I read The Passage but the beginning of The Twelve catches you up quickly. Doug finished the last book in the series, City of Mirrors, so I can start on that next. Then we can compare notes.


Listening: Can’t get enough of Mark Knopfler, James McMurtry or David Gilmore. We’ve listened to some Big Band era music recently too.


Riding: We rode to St Marks one day and had lunch with our son. It wasn’t planned, we happened to take a day off to get our car windshield repaired and he was also off so….that worked out.

Sadly, The Riverfront Café wasn’t great. It was expensive and we waited forever for warm oysters and warm beer. Horribly hot day too. We are done with The Riverside – last time we had grouper there is was actually Swai. That’s just wrong.


Gardeningnothing going on. It’s dead. Very dead.

Souper Sunday
I have been enjoying participating in Souper Sunday at Deb’s Kahakai Kitchen.

For this week I want to share a simple throw together grilled sandwich. It’s avocado, tomato, bacon and cheese grilled and melty. When it’s a few days before payday and you don’t want to hit savings, look in your fridge and pantry and see what you can put together.


This isn’t an elegant sandwich, but it is a tasty sandwich and it was way better than anything we could have gone out and spent money on. We tend to eat lunch out on the weekend but bring a good lunch every day to work. Usually leftovers from dinner. It’s healthier and more economical. We decided to forage in the fridge and pantry for lunch instead of getting lunch in restaurant.

Here is this week’s link up. You don't have to post on Sunday.

That's it for me. Just a quick snapshot of what is going on. I hope it's all good in your world!


Debra Eliotseats said...

Love the sandwich. The oysters--meh. Did you eat them? Have to check out that series. I am currently on a summer binge of Scandal. Enjoy the hot weather!!!!!

Vicki said...

Sorry your oysters weren't good, but I'm not a fan of them.

Your sandwich looks really good.

Tina said...

Oh yeah, I love raw oysters or fried oysters. But warm raw oysters weren't great.

Katherine P said...

I like raw oysters but they have to be COLD or it is just a bit too mucus-y. Definitely not desirable. However, your sandwich looks great! I've been thinking about Ray Donovan. It looks like an interesting show and Schreiber is definitely not hard on the eyes!

Deb in Hawaii said...

Looks like you are keeping busy. ;-) The sandwich looks delicious--you can't beat grilled and melty! Thanks for sharing it with Souper SUndays this week.

Le laquet said...

Always a shame when you're let down by a restaurant. Loads more to try out though.
It's been terribly hot in the UK and it was a tough last week for the school kids and teachers in 30+ degrees (this is England we're talking about). This heat has meant I don't want to eat ... I know, unheard of. Travelled to Carlucet yesterday, maybe the drier French heat will be more conducive to making some tempting meals!

Le laquet said...

p.s. #swearingalert That gooey sarnie - oh bloody hell yes!

Tina said...

Katherine, absolutely, the oysters have to be cold. Oh, you'll love Ray Donovan!

Deb, thanks as always for hosting Souper Sundays, I am enjoying participating. I have a salad for this week I want to share 😊

Jo, the heat has been awful this year and yeas, I know what you mean by not wanting to eat. It's been to hot for Doug to stand at the grill. Well, he would but I'd rather he didn't since the heat index was 108 F / 44C. We only took a short ride early morning. I know you had fun in Carlucet 😘

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