Thursday, July 28, 2016

Salad Days

Can you believe it - next Monday will be August. A step closer to my favorite months and jackets and boots and fires in the yard. But until such a time arrives....... we have cool lunches for hot days.

A Greek salad where I ditched the pepperoncinis but loved the extra black olives. This was enjoyed with a few slices of pizza while we had movie night. We watched London has Fallen. Lots of action and if you are a fan of Gerard Butler, he owns the screen time.

The salad keeps me from eating too much pizza - good idea, yes?

Greek salad

Bad ass......lots of explosions, gun battles and action. Perfect for movie night - if you like those things.


Here we have a salad Nicoise purchased from Hopkins Eatery in Tallahassee. Instead of fresh tuna, as I use at home, they added a scoop of tuna salad. It was very good and a cold salad loaded with lots of veggies and a bit of protein hits the spot. You can't see the potato slices very well but it had plenty of seasoned red potato slices.


I will be joining Deb at Kahakai Kitchen for her Souper Sunday series. Click HERE for this week's link up.

Join in! You don't have to post on Sundays.


I love soup year round but this particular summer had me avoiding it. When it's cooler I will be bringing some soups from Nigel Slater and Curtis Stone. Looking forward to that.


Deb in Hawaii said...

Both salads look delicious--especially the Nicoise. ;-) Thanks for sharing them with Souper Sundays this week.

I have London Falling from Netflix for this weekend. (I do like a bit of bad ass now and then!) ;-)

Tina said...

Deb, I have another good salad coming up for next week. Quinoa with fresh corn and black beans. I need to upload photos.
If you like Gerard Butler you'll love him in this role.

Le laquet said...

It is unbelievable that it is August!
Salads are the go to here at the moment ... grilled salmon tonight with pineapple souse. It was a salsa in the original recipe but I bulk out the cucumber, spring onions and add lettuce at the very last minute so it doesn't wilt in the dressing. has soon other great recipes too

Le laquet said...

Some other (not soon) obviously ... damn you auto-correct!

Tina said...

Thanks for the link, Jo. I know, I hate that auto correct too but I never see it until I have clicked on "post comment"
We love salmon but we have overdone it team last two weeks. Sockeye salmon was on sale for a quarter of what they usually charge. It's so good though.

Vicki said...

I love salads and both look really good, except for the black olives. I can eat them but I no likey.

Tina said...

I put less on Doug's salad as he likes some, but I can eat boatloads of them.

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