Dobbs BBQ in Dothan Alabama ....
A couple hours ride on a nice sunny day

A few weeks ago we took a ride to Dothan Alabama in search of some BBQ. Basically we just wanted a good ride and the weather was cooperating we went. It's about an hour and half to get to Dothan from our place. Just enough time before you need to stretch and get some water.


I just had to get a photo of this on the way out the door. See the younger man in the right corner? That's the great grandson of the Confederate soldier and current owner. He came by our table to chat for a bit and he's quite a character. He is now 84 years old at this writing.


The food isn't elegant cuisine, it's just plain old BBQ served on diner type dishes. Good food though, just not something we would be eating weekly.


As you can see they pile that BBQ on high.


After eating we rode to the local Harley dealership to walk around a bit, let the food settle. The last time we rode there was February and had the good fortune of Tristan's company. I love it when he can ride along. Looking forward to more rides when the weather is cooler. Maybe a big ride up to Eufala Alabama, that's an all day ride.


I hope all is well in your world, you are out having fun, acquiring new books and enjoying life!


Vicki said...

I miss riding on a bike.
That bbq looks yummy!

Tina said...

Vicki, As the weather gets nicer we will get out more. I'm anxious to wear a heavy jacket!

Le laquet said...

Sounds delicious - we just don't seem to get this right here.

Seven Hour Lamb with White Beans <br>{ make that less than 2 hours in the Instant Pot}</br>

It's good to get back to posting about food after a short break. Next year I will be getting a flu shot; this bout knocked me for a loop...