Havana Lights up the Town

We don't live in the tiny town of Havana. We are in a rural area but Havana is used for our mailing address. It's not too far a drive though and we like the local businesses and sense of community. I've never been a fan of all the Christmas decorations we see before Thanksgiving arrives but I have to admit, I was in fine spirit when Havana had their Holiday open house.

Here are some photos of the event last Saturday. hav2

 Look at the beautiful moon centered over Oscar's Pizza. hav3

This house. It was moved there years ago and it wasn't anywhere as nicely appointed as it is now. Someone had it moved and painted it, made it a lovely shop where people can sip wine on the wrap-around porch or shop inside for local crafts, candles, honey and things like that.


 So many of the buildings are old brick, and lots have ivy crawling all over them.


Here is Santa walking about.  He will draw a winner from the bowl and announce it after the tree is lit. You could register for a shopping spree at many of these local businesses.


They were supposed to light the tree at 6:00 but so many people were singing Christmas songs, and some of those folks had a bit of wine in them :-) so it was slightly delayed.
 Finally, here it is, all lit up.



 We drive down  to Havana once in a while in the evenings to walk Aja.    It's so quiet and now with these lights on it's so pretty.  Like I said, I'm not usually a fan of the early decorations but here....I feel like I stepped back in time.

Enjoy the holiday seasons coming up!


Vicki said...

Looks like a lovely town, and I love the Christmas decorations.

Tina said...

It's quite laid back, Vicki, and it's only a 10 minute drive from our home. There are antique shops, a painting studio and crafts in the shops.

Le laquet said...

So pretty. Very laid back - I don't like TOO much, just not me.

Tina said...

Thanks, Mrs L. I like visiting larger cities but now I just want peace and quiet. 😉

Debbie said...


Tina said...

Thanks, Debbie. I love a stroll down there in the evenings. Sometimes we don't see but one other couple, really quiet.

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