Spinach Ricotta Pie

We have had so many good meals here but every now and then, we get in a rut. Same meals repeated a little too frequently so....we tire of them.  For a treat, and something new,  we met up with the kids on Sunday evening at a local Mexican restaurant, El Jalisco.  Something a little different - it was fun.

This may be a chain place, I don't know, but there are a few locations in the Tallahassee area.  I love the fish tacos and the taco salad.  And the platters with enchiladas and burritos.  And guacamole!  So, I am obviously a fan.  Margaritas were avoided but we did have beer....not a huge setback.  No photos from the dinner, I left my phone in the car.

Our granddaughter was super cute and fun that night so I do wish I had a photo of her.  She was telling her grandfather about pirates and how her cat was a lazy pirate.  Fun age and she's full of imagination.

On to what I cooked this week.  A Spinach and Ricotta Pie.  New recipe.


I'm fortunate to have so many wonderful cookbooks on the shelf (more than some folks, but I'm sure fewer than others :-) .  Moosewood Cookbooks are never disappointing, especially if you want to find a meatless meal plan.


This is a recipe I had never tried before and I can say - oh yeah - we will have it again.  Very good, A+ to Mollie Katzen.

 New meal plans are being sought for next month.  When the weather warms we want to sit outside for dinner, maybe have some wine, watch the birds fight at the feeders. This meal would actually be good in warm weather too as the ingredients are so light.  Note that I did not smear sour cream over the top, it was optional.  If I had you couldn't see the lovely colors from the spinach and nutmeg and cheese!


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Nan said...

I am going to share this with my kids. I think they would both like it. A while back I threw out my old Moosewood Cooking, having saved the recipes I used the most - Rice Pudding and Tabouli. It wasn't organized well, I didn't think. But I have the new low fat one, and have tried one of the recipes.

Tina said...

Thank you, Nan. I have had great success with Moosewood cookbooks. Hope your kids like this recipe. It was easy, you could use a refrigerated pie crust to speed things up.

Vicki said...

Looks good! I love Moosewood cookbooks but haven't made anything from them lately. I'll have to find one to make.

Tina said...

Betcha the library has a copy, Vicki. Test run it by borrowing before buying. I love the library.

Mae Travels said...

Mexican restaurants really do offer a nice change, even if you sometimes make your own. Last night we tried a local place which has revamped its menu -- I even did have a margarita!

best... mae at maefood.blogspot.com

Tina said...

Mae, it truly is nice to go out on occasion, especially when family can join in. It's nice bring waited on and no dishes to clear away!

Le laquet said...

I am decluttering. One task has been to go through my cook books and I have 'binned' any that I haven't used in more than a year. The cull wasn't as harsh as I thought it would be but everything now fits on one shelf ... needless to say all of St Nigel's books survived. Kitchen gadgets are next weekend after the spare room.

When I say 'binned' I'm actually going to go to a boot fair. Do you have those?

Tina said...

Jo, I go on those cleaning sprees every so often, I call it "Let's pretend we're moving" and think what I would pack or ditch. The first boot fair we saw was in Bradford-on-Avon. I think the simiar thing here is a flea market, lots of stalls with things for sale. There is also the individual yard sales. Obviously Nigel has a permanent place!

Beth F said...

I've been a Moosewood fan for a thousand years! I'll have to give this one a try. I wish I could say things were going to warm up around here, but I'm thinking it will be months yet before I'll be able to sit outside for dinner.

Jackie Mc Guinness said...

No cooking for me as we are on an all-inclusive plan for two weeks, not our choice, but a mistake.
I am missing cooking.

jama said...

So this is like a quiche but using ricotta cheese? Looks delicious!

rhapsodyinbooks said...

I've made this same recipe and loved it. In fact, I love every recipe I have tried from that book. And I love the graphics in it!

Tina said...

BFR - this weather here is crazy! We ate outside and now we have lows in the 30's so I guess that's over.

Jackie, I know you must miss cooking but I will eagerly read about your travels and adventures :-)

Jama, yes, use tn ricotta, it was so creamy. Great recipe, we will have it again.

Rhapsody- thanks so much. It is indeed a good cookbook.

Debra Eliotseats said...

A little relapse with Mexican food and beverages is understandable! :) Love this pie. Sounds super delicious!

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