Who is a good helper? Aja!
Cutest supervisor ever :-)

 Life at our place is pretty low key, no big parties or renovations, just typical stuff....things you have no cause to blog about. Yet I am going to talk briefly about our new faucet. That's right, a reason to update  facebook or whathaveyou with this news.
We had a kitchen faucet that was old and starting to become a problem. A little drip here and there if you didn't turn it just right.    

One day, after a good bonk on the top of the nozzle, to stop the dripping, it fell apart completely.  As in....water wouldn't stop coming out at a good speed.  Doug found where to turn the water off and off we went to Lowe's to purchase a new faucet.  


Aja likes to get involved in everything we do, sits in judgement is more like it.  We were going to call a plumber to replace this faucet but someone at Lowe's said it's the easier plumbing job and so, Doug decided to save us some money,  I can tell you now, I couldn't have followed those directions but he did.  So, money saved and we now have a cool new faucet.

That's it. Just a few gratuitous Shiba Inu photos.


Le laquet said...

I love the interest. I have a good work friend who is hoping to have a dog - long term project (as it should be) and they want a Shiba Inu. Hard to find in the UK but so gorgeous. I need a new kitchen tap Doug and Aja ...

Tina said...

Aja stares when you speak, all the time. Unless you are ordering her to do something then she ignores you. If I may say, a Shiba is not generally recommended for a first time dog owner. That sounds snotty but I have to say, they are a difficult breed. They are notorious door bolted so that is why we have ours. Rescue dogs. Just tell them to check out Dog 101 🐕


Our two rules the house. Doug says he would be most happy to assist with your faucet!

Vicki said...

A dripping faucet is a pain. We've had to change a few. I'm sure you could have fixed the faucet. We've always done minor home/car repairs ourselves. The cost to hire someone is ridiculous. I learned how to fix things around the house and the car myself because my husband was disabled and unable to do it, which he hated. I've rebuilt a lawnmower engine by myself and changed the brake shoes and drums on a school bus we converted into a motor home, rewired a van, among other things. Saved us a fortune!

Tina said...

Vicki, I am impressed! I leave the car repair to a garage or dealership but I have heard anything you want to learn to do, you can use YouTube. And I agree, anything to save money!

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