Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Camping Bug may be back

Years back we used to go camping.  When Tristan was young we bought a very old pop-up camper - just to see if we would like going.  Both Doug and I had camped with our families when we were growing up and remembered enjoying it.

Tristan loved it.  This must be when he was about 13 years old thinking back.  We would go to Manatee Springs and play in the water, grill out, walk around and scope out campsites to ask for next time we went.  He rode his bike and swam, we played games in the camper at night and sat by a campfire other nights.  It was a blast.

Then we traded the "test-run" pop-up for a new one.  That was okay, it had a problem with the A/C leaking on the table but the trips to Manatee and St. George Island were fun. (For what it's worth, I wish I had thought of videoing the leak because Camping World never could duplicate that in the shop).

Next camper was a 27 foot Sunnybrook and that was sooooo nice!  In this photo we had it set up at St. George Island.  When the weather cooperated we could leave a window open and hear the sounds of the Gulf waters.

We spent one Thanksgiving  at St. George Island park and it was a good deal of fun. We were all surprised at how full the campground was, thinking for Thanksgiving it wouldn't be very popular.  What a great tradition - I would love to do that again.

Camping and stuff 020

Sadly, we are bad about balancing recreational pursuits and so, once a motorcycle was acquired, we pretty much abandoned camping to go riding every weekend.  Eventually we sold the Sunnybrook.

We still enjoy taking the Harley out for weekend rides but as retirement approaches, we have started thinking about long camping trips and seeing more of the U.S.  This took us over to Camping World last Sunday to nose around.

Check out this small camper called Hummingbird.  It's not huge and weighs little enough that it could be pulled with a Ford Expedition or Chevy Tahoe.  The SUV idea is better than a truck as Doug will bring his telescope and there wouldn't be room for that equipment and us in the Hummingbird.


We have not bought anything yet.  We are thinking this through and of course, we have to consider Aja.  Both shibas liked to camp when we had the Sunnybrook but there isn't too much room in the Hummingbird.  Lots to think about.  If my lottery ticket comes up a winner this Friday then maybe we can accommodate our latest dream.

If anyone reading is a camper could you tell me some good campgrounds in the northern part of Texas or New Mexico? :-)  I am starting a list of places already.



Katherine P said...

I've been meaning to email you since I saw your comment on my Sunday Post. We got a 26ft Class C motor home. It was actually my grandparents' but they decided they couldn't continue using it so offered it to us along with a tow car. Our goal is a weekend trip once a month so we can balance regular life with getting plenty of use out of it. This weekend we were talking about the advantages of a big Class A or one of the huge fifth wheels but I think I'm good sticking with the smaller size (not that 26ft is particularly tiny). I mean the biggest trailer is still pretty small and you get the advantage of it being easy to tow and maneuver.

No idea about campgrounds in TX or NM but have you looked at I've found the reviews there to be pretty accurate. Can't wait to see what you decide!

~~louise~~ said...

How exciting Tina!!! I think it's wonderful that you're thinking about getting a camper. Lots to think about though. Do lots of research. We have a Holiday Rambler that's 32feet. It needed some fixing up but Mike is pretty good at that.

Don't jump into anything. It tool us almost one year to find ours. There's tons of info online too. I don't know of any places in Texas or NM but Good Sam publishes an excellent RV sites.

I wish I could help more...thanks for sharing Tina...

Tina said...

Katherine, thanks for the link. I will certainly check it out. Yes, we like the room of a 5th wheel and you get the most room in those overall. But we were discussing how little time we actually had spent inside the camper in the past. We mostly sit under the awning and read or eat and in the evening we like a fire, or Doug takes his telescope out. That's why we wanted to go smaller....hey, we can always trade up!
That is great you were able to get your grandparent's Class C! I look forward to hearing about your trips.

Louise, thanks for the info, I will also check Good Sam. No, we aren't in a rush. We know we liked camping and we still have our little Aja to consider. right now we are doing research. Hope you are enjoying your traveling!

Vicki said...

My parents had a camper when my brother and I were growing up and we loved going all over Ohio with it. Then they bought a house on a lake so we didn't go camping very much anymore and ended up selling it.

I've been asking my family if they want to go camping and rent a cabin for a weekend or a week. Your post has me wondering about getting a camper though.

Sorry I can't help you with campgrounds. I've been doing google searches for places to go.

Tina said...

Vicki, when I was growing up we always went tent camping, usually in the Poconos of PA. I loved it. Now I want the four walls, I guess being 61 has me changing my mind about comfort levels, ha! We liked the Sunnybrook and are thinking along the lines of a driveable or a fifth wheel. But that's just today. It's a big decision. At first we thought that little hummingbird would be good but on a second look, way too small.

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