What's up here..........
{Storms, Books, Scammer and Movies}

What's up here......

Homemade Indian Cuisine
I tried a Veggie Tikka Masala this past week and wow - it's a keeper. It made way too much but I can freeze some of it. I will post the recipe soon. It's vegetarian but you could add chicken if you wanted. tikka

Storms - Last night we had a big storm roll through.  We've been having quite a bit of rain but this one was accompanied by much lightning and thunder.  Naturally, our electricity went out.  It went out just before dinner was started so alternate plans had to be made.  Such a bummer.  We did end up lighting candles and sitting in the den with Aja, same as we do many evenings.  We had gin, tonic and only needed to raid the freezer for a quick moment to steal ice.

gandT   Only thing missing was music ....and air conditioning!  Fortunately Talquin Electric has fantastic customer service and by 11:00 we heard the guys out there in our field, shouting at one another and trying to find the problem.  You don't realize how much you take A/C for granted until it's out for hours.

Starbucks has screaming fast internet connections!
Having more time off lately we had just about used up our cellular data plan for the month.  So....since we had updates, I wanted to back up my phone/ tablet, use large amounts of data, etc. we went to Starbucks.  The coffee isn't fabulous but a cup of black tea is very good.  In my opinion.  The internet is screaming fast there too so all my updates were completed within an hour. 

While we were there, a woman came in sighing loudly, apparently frustrated stating she has been "stuck there" for over an hour.  She asked Doug is she could use his phone so she could call for a ride.  He acquiesced.  She called someone and spoke rapidly about being stuck, sighed some more and then hung up.  She then asks us if we could help her in any way, any help at all. We don't typically carry cash and something just seemed amiss anyway.

When she walked back outside Doug checked his call log - she made a 2 second call.  Evidently calling herself and hanging up because she talked to the air for a good minute.  Such a scammer - I get tired of so many people who won't take responsibility for their lives.  When I was a lazy teenager my Dad told me the world didn't owe me a living.  You had to work for things, earn them.  

I have enjoyed The Last Policeman by Ben Winters.  It's pre-apocalyptic and has a good story line.  While I could have wished for a better ending, it's good enough that I want to get the next book and read more about Detective Henry Palace.  
Also I enjoyed The Mountain Between Us and hope the movie is as good as the book.  Lots of sadness but a good story.  The same way The Light Between Oceans was good but sad.

And NOW, finally, I have the very latest DCI Banks book Sleeping in the Ground.  This will catch me up with the series.  It's written in real time so I do have concern about Banks getting older....how will the author handle that, I wonder.

Movies - the best one we have watched so far has been Guardians of the Galaxy II.  Picking up a few new movies this weekend from the library but we had really looked forward to this one.


That's it....long post..........what is up in your world? I'd love to know what you are reading, cooking and looking forward to this September.



Rebecca Subbiah said...

your Indian curry looks great.

Tina said...

Thanks very much, Rebecca!

Katherine P said...

I hope Irma is staying away from you! You and all my Florida friends have been on my mind. The curry looks delicious. I love Indian food but the one really good restaurant here closed down and I haven't been great about making my own. That is annoying about the scammer. We've had one woman who basically hung out in the parking lot of the Target here asking for money for YEARS. It was at least 2 years - possibly 3. She always claimed she needed a little money for gas. After the 2nd or 3rd time she approached me it got a little hard to believe. And the thing is people like that make me hesitate to give money to anyone which is hurting people who might really need it. Anyway - enough of my rant!

Seven Hour Lamb with White Beans <br>{ make that less than 2 hours in the Instant Pot}</br>

It's good to get back to posting about food after a short break. Next year I will be getting a flu shot; this bout knocked me for a loop...