Sittin' on the dock of the bay............
{a pictorial post of our few days at the bay}

This photo below could sum up so much of our few days at the bay on St. George Island.

Relaxation.  I'm fairly sure we could live there. This was our dock at the rental and let me tell you, the water, sights and sounds were amazingly relaxing.


We had several good photo opportunities from this dock.


Each evening we were rewarded with beautiful sunsets. v3

The inside of the cottage was well appointed.  Nothing cheap here.  The furniture was in good shape, the mattress was fabulous, appliances in good condition...we wanted for nothing.  Not all rentals are this well kept up.  Wish we could buy it.

 This hearth was raised up, just enough for me to catch my foot several times when passing by.  For Aja it was a taste of home as we have brick floors throughout our downstairs living area. Aja wasn't a fan of the wooden floors but she slowly got used to it.



I loved the kitchen.


 Whiskey Creek boat landing.


Love them both!


 Our old girl was ready to go home.  You can see the Apalachicola national forest through the window.  This is a quiet drive home, hardly any traffic.


If we are lucky we can spend next Thanksgiving there but we will have to see how our annual leave situation works out.  We are also planning a trip to the mountains's all about balance.

That's all I have for today.  Happy it's Friday and looking forward to this evening. 

Tell me about one of your favorite mini vacations, I like getting ideas from other folks!


Vicki said...

That looks like a perfect place to spend a few days. I love the colors in the kitchen.

My daughter's family, my youngest son, and I love going to St. Augustine whenever we get the chance. So much to do/see. We love the water, restaurants, shops, and tourist attractions.

Tina said...

Vicki, I know you love the waterside and you get how peaceful it can be. It was indeed a lovely rental and I hope we can go back. We haven’t been to St Augustine in years, that would be a fun trip too!

Katherine P said...

Oh this looks wonderful! Just the pictures ooze relaxation. I do like the looks of the rental and agree that there is quite a spectrum on these kinds of things. I've stayed in more than a few that feel like they were furnished with side of the street finds! Aja looks like she enjoyed her vacation too!

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