Looking forward to Kahakai Kitchen coming back

I've gotten to know some good people through this online journal.  Deb at Kahakai Kitchen is one of those very nice people and this post is dedicated to her.  I am looking forward to her returning to her blog, writing cool book reviews and hosting her famous Souper Sunday series again.

Now what else could I bring to nourish Deb but a big bowl of soup made with fresh veggies. Tuck in....it's hearty!


I make a different version of this soup not too long ago but this batch was a real treat.  It was creamier but I know why - I added some half-n-half.  Not a lot - but probably a good half cup.  A version of this soup may be found HERE and it seems almost a cheat to be posting about this again but there are a few differences.

My veggies this time are celery, carrot, garlic, onion, zucchini and green beans. After adding flour to the cooked veggies I added that half a cup of half-n-half, some vegetable broth and Silk almond milk.  Rice and potatoes were in the fridge but I opted for rice again.  Liberally salt and pepper the soup, serve with a homemade loaf of French bread.

Bon appetit, Deb! If you need anything let me know. 😉

So besides making soup and bread, you know what else I've been doing. (besides reading) I have been crocheting hats. My granddaughter liked the gray one I made her and requested a pink one.  This soft pink yarn was easier on the eyes than a hot pink color, so I am thankful she likes the softer tones.  Next hat is in progress, a burgundy one that hopefully fits me.


Happy Tuesday to all.  Deb, we will see you when you are feeling better! Aloha :-)

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Katherine P said...

This looks like the perfect kind of soup to nourish someone back to health (or blogging)! We're eating more soup lately because I'm freezing but also because they tend towards having lots of leftovers which means J can take it for lunch for a few days. I've been looking for some meatless recipes and this looks delicious! A little bit of cream really makes a big difference texture wise.

Tina said...

Katherine, this is a soup you can whip up in under a half hour. I use flour too to thicken it up.

Deb in Hawaii said...

Thank you again for the delicious-looking soup and the warm welcome back. It made me feel good and more anxious to get back reading your kind words here and on Instagram. ;-) You are the best!

Tina said...

I'm just glad you are on the mend, Deb! Welcome back xoxo

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