Cheese loving Aja, the night sky at Oscars, Snow in Tylertown
and of course....books

I had not intended for a week to go by before checking the blog it is Thursday again!  Quick update from this part of world, 24 degrees this morning near Havana, Florida.  Wind chill to make it feel 17 F.  My friend in Alaska texted me to say we were 9 degrees colder this morning than it was in Eagle River Alaska.  Yikes!

The night sky around 6:15 in Havana Florida.  We had stepped out of Oscar's Pizza to walk Aja a bit before the pizza was ready.  Takeaway and movie night organized before the rain arrived.  This photo doesn't do it justice, the clouds were silky midnight blue and there was orange just above the treeline.

night sky

I will, perhaps, sit for you if you give me cheese.  This one is loving the cold, cold weather.  She walks so fast and shows such joy in her eyes when it's bitter cold.  I'm sure it's tougher on a dog with a double coat in the hot summers we have.  But it's her time of year now. We get back from a walk after battling a biting wind and she still runs to the back door to get back out. Crazy.


Speaking of cold - it snowed again in Tylertown Mississippi!


What a beautiful sight, this pasture covered with snow.  It would be so nice to enjoy a coffee with Aunt Ellen and our cousins, looking out at this scene.  Much thanks to Lee Ellen for sending the photos.


On the bookish front, I started the next book in the Frieda Klein series, Tuesday's Gone.  Good start to it, I can tell I will read all in the series.  Also just read that a follow up book to Silent Sunday will be published so I'm stoked about that. It's called The Day of the Dead and will be out in July of 2018.  Maybe I will be all caught up by then and read the other books on my Kindle.

Doug just finished Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness and has Tana French and Andy Weir books on hold. Has anyone read Artemis by Weir?  I am looking forward to that too.


That's about it for now.  It's been too cold to ride but I have been making lots of soup and bread.  Heats the kitchen and it's good homemade food.  Hope all is well in your world.  I hope to be back before next Thursday :-)


Vicki said...

I love that Aja loves the cold. She can have my share of it! I love your night sky, Aja, and Tylertown photos.

Velva said...

Hi Tina! Woke up this morning to 22 degrees in north Tallahassee-Its been a real winter so fat. I've pretty much decided to break-up with my relationship with the love of cold weather. This cold air makes me less productive (laugh).

No doubt Aja is loving this cold air.

Happy new Year!!!


JoAnn said...

Brr! It was in the upper 30s in SWFL, but wind chills brought us down to the freezing mark... something I never expect down here. Glad Aja is enjoying it ;-)

Tina said...

Vicki, I am getting to where she can have my share of the cold too!

Happy New Year to you too, Velva! I agree, I am breaking up with the cold weather. I love boots and scarfs and sweaters....but I am now ready to retire to warmer climates. Forget the move up north - cancelled!

JoAnn, that seems unfair since you left the frigid north for SWFL! We would love to live down there if the sky was dark enough for Doug's astronomy. I hope Zelda likes it.

Mae Travels said...

Your night sky photo is very beautiful! We watched a dramatic sunset this evening, but we were driving so no photos. It's hard to get a good one even of something spectacular, isn't it.

best ... mae at

Debra Eliotseats said...

We actually cancelled school Tuesday because of the cold (7F with a negative wind chill). Went to Texas for a conference this week and was still freezing!

Katherine P said...

Wow on the snow! We had snow here too (though while unusual it isn't quite as unusual) but the main problem is it's so cold! I'm going to need it to get above freezing before I voluntarily leave the house! Love the picture of Aja and her love for cheese. I've been heavy on cozy mysteries lately and have been starting to crave something a little more streamlined or gritter - or just generally less cozy - so I'm going to be looking for something more on the thriller side. I read Heart of Darkness ages ago but would really like to reread it. It's one of my husband's favorites.

Tina said...

Mae, it is hard to do a good sunset justice using an iPhone. I think that’s a reason we love staying at the beach now and then, just watching the colors of the sky as it sets.

Debra, I think the temperatures have been awfully brutal recently, more so than any other winter lately. They canceled schools in north Florida and South Georgia too, nothing more dangerous than Floridians in ice!

Katherine. You ought to see us gearing up to walk Aja. Big heavy coats and scarves, but we had had wind chills of 14 and I have to say, not used to that. While we had set out to move north when we retire, I’m not sure that’s a great idea now! Aja would love it, she’s a cold weather creature and is joyous when we walk in the cold.

bermudaonion said...

This has been a crazy winter. It's finally warmed up here this weekend.

Nan said...

That comparison with Alaska is just amazing!!!!!!!!!! It must be hard for Aja in the heat.

carol said...

This winter has been miserable so far. I haven't read the Frieda Klein series, but I feel like I should. I'm hoping to pick up Artemis soon.

Tina said...

Ms. Bermuda - I am happy to hear that, it's been a very cold winter.

Nan - Aja does hate the heat but she is a live wire when it's cold!

Carole - I'm looking forward to Artemis too.

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