Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Rolling into June with celebrations

I had a wonderful birthday weekend eating and drinking my favorites. On Friday evening we started the pre-birthday celebration with sushi, bagels and Nova Scotia lox and fruit.

 Saturday we dropped the Forester off at Subaru to get gussied up for a sale. Tristan couldn't take the Forester with him when he moved (long story) and since the SUV is in my name, I am going to sell it. But, first the blinking check engine and cruise lights need to be dealt with. A while back I learned that if you screw your gas cap on crooked the Check Engine light will eventually come on. This in turn shuts down the ability to use cruise control. I didn't know's written on the gas cap. That lesson and the acquisition of the vehicle was posted HERE.

After the Forester was dropped off we went to Bed, Bath and Beyond and bought a beautiful new Cuisinart coffee maker in umber. That's what it's called - gorgeous color and looks great in our kitchen with the wooden walls. Our previous coffee maker was still hanging in there but after 7 years we upgraded. It even has a feature for bold making the coffee a bit stronger.

After that we went for a cheeseburger at Cabo's, a locally owned restaurant- perfect. They have homemade fries and it was just the ticket.

 Dinner was grilled grouper, a baked sweet potato and broccoli. Aja got her share of treats too, of course. Since it's been so muggy we decided to eat inside and took our wine out to the den to listen to music. What a nice day!

birth1 birth2 birth3

I finished reading an apocalyptic themed book, The Road to Winter by Mark Smith, for my Australian Book challenge and used the Paperwhite.  I don't mind physical books but it was nice to tuck the little Kindle into my purse.  Recently I joined NetGalley so I could get digital books - free.  Who doesn't love free books?!

 In between reading I am getting into the crocheting again as I have a nice new hook. The blanket I am working on looks great, if I may pat myself on the back :-)   Not that anyone needs a blanket this time of year in North Florida. Man, it's been steamy and hot.

The next celebration is anniversary #34.  Very much looking forward to time off and playing.  Let's hope the weather cooperates so we get good use out of that convertible.

Bye for now!


Vicki said...

Sounds like you had a great birthday! It's been hot and steamy here too, with some storms thrown in.

Tina said...

Vicki, sometimes the storms bring a breeze and that helps. I would welcome that!

Mae Travels said...

Your experience with the Subaru warning lights is very interesting. I wonder if it applies to my Subaru. So many things to learn about cars! Your birthday sounds very nice: many happy returns.

best... mae at

JoAnn said...

Glad you had such a great birthday weekend. On to the next celebration!

Tina said...

Mae, evidently that warning is on 95% of all gas caps in all cars, new or old. I didn't know that until we needed to get the reset done. We have a 2018 Outback and that warning is on the gas cap there. Thanks for the good wishes!

JoAnn - thank you so much!

Katherine P said...

Hopefully the flashing lights were easy to deal with! I hate car problems and 2017 was the year for them here but hopefully things will have settled down for us and for you. Happy birthday! Looks like you had a nice celebration and I love the color of the coffee maker. It's almost a chocolate but shiny. Very pretty. NetGalley is dangerous but so fun! I switch back and forth between my Kindle and a real book. I've found that each one works better for certain situations but if I'm going somewhere I always bring the Kindle as it's so much easier to transport and it has all the books!

Tina said...

Thank you, Katherine! We had a good time but we celebrate frequently with fun meals. 😊 Yes, we have the flashing lights alll taken care of now. It’s done and now I just need to sell the car. I’m not on Facebook but a friend at work is and offered to put it on Marketplace.
Oh, I agree, I like NetGalley but I switch between books and Kindle.

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